Politics! Politics! Politics! Mel Brooks, the Roman Empire the Inquisition, the Old West and our Republic


Friends of Padre Steve’s World, here I sit at the Apple Store seeing if I can get my MacBook’s wifi restarted so for tonight another re-run. This is from a couple of years back and I have done some edits and updates. The links all work as of today. Have a great night! Peace, Padre Steve+

Originally posted on Padre Steve's World...Musings of a Passionately Progressive Moderate:

I love Mel Brooks movies and find them hysterically funny. Despite some of the course language and double entendres employed I find that they speak our political climate. Both Blazing Saddlesand History of the World Part I came out in times of political and economic turmoil. Like now when these films came out people were disillusioned and cynical about their political leaders.  The country was badly divided, racism was rampant while divisive social issues, a problem riddled military and economic malaise ruled the day.  The Soviet Union seemed to be on the ascendant while some were writing the obituary of the United States and Western Europe.  There are a lot of similarities.

In such difficult times most political leaders and their partisan followers are absolutely devoid of humor, as are most pundits and politically minded preachers.  As a result everything becomes personal, and anyone that deviates from the party line is “the enemy.” …

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