2010 MLB

Baseball is one of the things that helps keep me grounded and the post-season of 2010 was the one that I have been looking for since I was born. The San Francisco Giants finally won their first West Coast World Series. These are my post season and pennant race articles for this historic season. They even include my predictions which if you look at them are pretty right on with the exception of the ALCS when the Yankees crapped out. It only bothered me because I didn’t get it right.  Anyway, enjoy.


Giants Defeat Rangers 4-0 Stand One Win from Series Title as Bumgarner Shines

A Swing of the Bat and the Rangers defeat the Giants 4-2 in Game 3

And so the Giants Can’t hit….tell me about it: Giants Crush Rangers 9-0 go up 2-0 in Series

So Much for a Pitcher’s Duel Giants down Rangers 11-7 as Cliff Lee is Suddenly Mortal

Padre Steve’s World Series Prediction: Tortureball Continues Giants in Seven

“Experts” Wrong, Padre Steve Right: Giants Win the Pennant! Defeat Phillies in Six to Advance to World Series

Texas Lawmen Win: Rangers Win ALCS Dump Yankees in Six

Lemony Snickets: Phillies Double-up Giants to Force Game Six in Philly

Giants Defeat Phillies in 9th 6-5 go up 3-1 in NLCS as Posey and the Panda have big nights

The Yankees Strike Back: Defeat Rangers 7-2 as Bats Come Alive

Rangers Hammer Yankees 10-3: Take 3-1 ALCS Lead

Cain is Able: Matt Cain and Giants down Phillies 3-0 Take NLCS Lead

Phillies and Oswalt Down Giants 6-1 Even Series

Tortureball: Lincecum and Giants Shock Phillies 4-3 as Ross Homers Twice

Rangers Even Series Defeat Yankees 7-2 for First Home Playoff Win

Blown Away or Thrown Away: Yankees Come Back defeat Rangers 6-5

Padre Steve’s MLB LCS Picks

No Joy in Tampa: Rangers Win 5-1 advance to ALCS

Giants down Braves 3-2: Advance to NLCS

Hamels and Phillies Sweep Reds as Hamels Pitches 5 Hit Shutout

Conrad’s 3 Errors Help Giants Win 3-2 to Take Series Lead

Rays Bounce Back Even Series in 5-2 Win

Yankees Sweep Twins while Rays Remain Alive

Errors Cause Giants to Lose to Braves 5-4 in 11 Innings

Ooops…Who Hit the Self-Destruct Switch? Four Errors and 3 Hit Batsmen Doom Reds, Phillies Win 7-4

Tim Lincecum Fans 14, Two Hits Braves Giants Win Opener 1-0

Tim Lincecum Fans 14, Two Hits Braves Giants Win Opener 1-0

Roy Halladay No-Hits the Cincinnati Hitting Machine

Pennant Races: Padre Steve Picks the Winners…Maybe

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