Moves and Rumors of Moves…Well Not the Rumors Part…Orioles and Tides Make Some Moves

Scott Moore was called up to Baltimore on Friday

The player personnel departments of the Baltimore Orioles and their farm system have been busy in the past two days.  With the worst record in baseball the Orioles are searching for answers to their woes in the hitting department and in their bullpen.  On Thursday they optioned relief pitcher Alberto Castillo to the Norfolk Tides.  Today they called up infielder Scott Moore who has been hitting very well lately including two home runs on Wednesday and a three RBI night Thursday from the Tides to join the team in Washington to play the Nationals.

Also on Friday the Tides brought Left Hand Pitcher Chris George off the 7 day disabled list and Chris will pitch tonight against the Pawtucket Red Sox.  Infielder Justin Turner who has been cold at the bat this season and was on the Orioles 40 man roster was designated for assignment which means that he was removed from the 40 man roster which means that the Tides have 10 days to from the date of designation to return the Justin to the 40-man roster or to trade, release, or outright the player to Minors. As a note a player may only be designated for assignment if the 40-man roster is full and a player needs to be added which in this case is Scott Moore.

Also at Norfolk Paco Figueroa was called up from the Aberdeen Ironbirds.  Figueroa an infielder had a .306 average at AA Bowie before being called up.

It will be interesting since we are coming to the end of May just what other moves might be made. If I was a betting man I would look for more in Baltimore that will affect the Tides.


Padre Steve+



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7 responses to “Moves and Rumors of Moves…Well Not the Rumors Part…Orioles and Tides Make Some Moves

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  3. briarcavendish

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  5. John Erickson

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