2011 MLB

The 2011 Baseball Season was amazing. Records broken and a Wild Card September that was unbelievable.  We witnessed the passing of baseball legends Bob Feller, Duke Snider and Harmon Killebrew and saw Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons stand trial on charges of perjury.  These articles document just some of those events and will include my posts on the post season.

UNBELIEVABLE! Braves and Red Sox Collapse Complete! Rays and Cardinals win Wild Cards, Orioles sink Red Sox with 2 Outs in Bottom of the 9th as Longoria hits walk off against Yankees


Two Tied Wild Card Races: Who would have Thunk It?  

Down to the Wire: MLB’s Epic Wild Card September Continues to Amaze 

A Quiet Achievement: Jim Thome Hammers Two Home Runs to join Elite 600 Home Run Club  

Padre Steve’s First All-Star Game Memories 

3000 Plus 3: Jeter Goes 5 for 5 to Join Elite Club 

The Unbelievable Implosion of a Storied Baseball Franchise 

For the Love of the Game: Buster Posey’s injury should be a Clarion Call for Change 

Remembering Hammerin’ Harmon: Harmon “Killer” Killebrew 1936-2011 

Cheating in Baseball: The Case of Barry Bonds and it’s Relationship to Modern America 

It’s all about Leadership: The Orioles Sweep the Rays to Open the Season 

The Meaning of Opening Day 

Opening Day 2011: How Baseball Helps Padre Steve Make Sense of the World 

The Passing of the “Duke of Flatbush”: Duke Snider 1926-2011 

Spring Training and the Integration of the Major Leagues 

It may be Winter but Scent of Baseball is in the Air and Friends are taking the Field  

The Passing of a Baseball Legend: Bob Feller 1918-2010 














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