2 responses to “A Walk off in Kinston amid Irene’s Destruction

  1. John Erickson

    It’s a pity that the media have dwelled on the “big city” survival of Irene, an that it was somehow a no-event. Yes, NYC didn’t disappear under a foot of water, but there was plenty of damage done. Yes, Vermont is getting a bit of attention for its’ problems (well-deserved attention, I might add), and poorly-deserved attention for certain GOP members trying to withhold FEMA funds until other cuts are made to pay for the aid. But it is the Kinstons of the country that will suffer, and even perhaps die off, due to our lack of attention to our own backyards (literally, in some cases).
    I am glad to hear that you came through okay, and that your friends are alright so far. I hope you all get back to normal very soon, and that the idiots in Congress get their heads outta their butts and free up the much-needed disaster relief.
    And best wishes on your important day tomorrow. I wish I could be there to give you your second salute in your new rank. Congratulations!

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