2012 MLB

Another Baseball Season and another bunch of articles. It has been a great season so far. The only MLB game that I got to see in person was in Houston  when the Nationals swept the hapless Astros, but even still for me it was cool. The regular season was amazing. No one could have predicted that the A’s, Orioles and Nationals would be in the playoffs. No one could have predicted that the Red Sox would lose over 90 games. No one expected young players like Bryce Harper and Manny Machado to make such big contributions. No one could have predicted that for the first time in 45 years that the Triple Crown of hitting would be achieved by Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. No one would have thought that the modern record for no-hitters in a season of seven would be tied or that there would be three perfect games. This category will be added to as the playoffs and World Series continue, but for someone like me that loves this game so  much this season has been something special.

Here are links to my articles from this season.


Padre Steve+

The Giant’s, A’s and Orioles and the 2012 MLB Playoffs: Taking Me Back to the Church of Baseball

Buckle Up: Buck Showalter’s Traveling Road Show O’s Put an End to Rangers’ Misery 5-1 in Arlington

Bad Defense, Bad Call and Bad Behavior: Braves Fall to Cardinals after Bad Infield Fly Call

The Bobby Valentine’s Day Massacre: Red Sox lose 14-2 to Yanks Finish Last in AL East Inglorious Season to End With Bobby V’s Firing

Triple Crown: Cabrera Does It Better

Celebrate Good Times Come On! The American League West Champion Oakland A’s!

What to do Wednesday: Debate or Baseball? Let’s go O’s!

Improbable, Unexpected but not Impossible: Four Games remaining and Orioles now Tied with Yankees in AL East

Seven: Homer Bailey of Reds Pitches 7th MLB No-Hitter of 2012

Real Life Major League? We Have a Pennant Race in the American League East and the Orioles are in It

81: First Place Orioles Ensured of First Non-Losing Season Since 1997

Orioles Tie Yankees for First in the AL East: There is a Political Convention Going On?

September Surprises: O’s and A’s Shake up the American League

TV Tonight: Orioles vs. White Sox or GOP Convention?

The Perfect King: Felix Hernandez Pitches Third Perfect Game of 2012

A Midsummer Night Dream: Memories of MLB All Star Games Past and Present

29 Years, Preparing for a Garage Sale and Roger Clemens Strikes out the Prosecution

The Mark of Cain: Matt Cain Pitches 22nd Perfect Game in MLB History

8020 Games and Finally….a Miracle for the Mets: Johan Santana Pitches First No-No in Mets History

Orioles Win Wild One in 17 at Fenway: Sweep Sox

Orioles Down Yankees in the Bronx Go to 16-9

Perfect! Phillip Humber Joins Legends as He Pitches Perfect Game against Mariners

Spring is Here: Spring Training Games Begin Friday

Baseball in February: The Freedom Classic and an MVP Beats a Drug Charge

Spring Training Begins: A’s and Mariners Start Camp Today

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