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This page is a compilation of posts that do not directly refer to specific seasons or teams listed on other pages. They include articles about players, games, achievements and milestones. They include thoughts about how baseball intersects with faith and life and how it has been a part of my life. There is even a series of three baseball fiction-fantasy short stories in the list. Occasionally one of these articles might show up on other pages such as Faith and Life or Philosophy, but mostly they are part of that history and mystery that is Baseball.

Cheaters and the Baseball Hall of Fame: The Hypocrisy and Arrogance of the Baseball Writers of the BBWAA

A Sad Day for Baseball: Baseball Legends Earl Weaver and Stan Musial Pass Away

Padre Steve’s Tour Guide: The Jim “Catfish” Hunter Museum, Hertford North Carolina

The Long and Slow Integration of the Major Leagues: A Reflection on Desegregation and Spring Training

The Failed Mayan End of the World Prediction and the Chicago Cubs

The Giant’s, A’s and Orioles and the 2012 MLB Playoffs: Taking Me Back to the Church of Baseball

The Triumph of Durability: Cal Ripken Jr., Lou Gehrig and the “Unbreakable” Record

Shoeless Joe and the Healing of the Soul

A Peaceful Night at the Ballpark: Casting my Cares on the Field of Dreams

A Midsummer Night Dream: Memories of MLB All Star Games Past and Present

Baseball and My Life: A Spiritual Journey

Opening Day and Holy Week

The Only Church that truly Feeds the Soul…

Blowing out the Candle(stick)…Power Goes out During Big 49ers – Steelers Game

Padre Steve Loves the MLB Winter Meetings now More than Ever, Ron Santo Elected to Hall of Fame and Happy “Repeal Day!”

The Dominator 2011: Verlander voted AL MVP

The Bird is the Word…Orioles Bring back Iconic Comic Oriole

A Day for All Saints even those at the Mendoza Line

Facing the Winter Alone….another Baseball Season comes to an End…

The Night of the Long Knives comes to Red Sox Nation: Terry Francona Out as BoSox Manager

A Season and Team Remembered: Images of the Kinston Indians Final Season

A Quiet Achievement: Jim Thome Hammers Two Home Runs to join Elite 600 Home Run Club

No time to Hate….Too much to Lose

Remembering the Men of the Negro Leagues: Carl Long Appreciation Day

Padre Steve’s First All-Star Game Memories

3000 Plus 3: Jeter Goes 5 for 5 to Join Elite Club

Sometimes between Life and Death a Baseball often Matters as much as a Prayer

What Makes Padre Steve Tick: My Vocation, Life, Love and Baseball

The Unbelievable Implosion of a Storied Baseball Franchise

An Evening in the Minor Leagues with Carl Long

No Time to Be Bitter: Padre Steve takes a Lesson from Buck O’Neil

For the Love of the Game: Buster Posey’s injury should be a Clarion Call for Change

Remembering Hammerin’ Harmon: Harmon “Killer” Killebrew 1936-2011

Joy in Mudville: The Comeback

Back on the Diamond: Padre Steve takes the Field

Cheating in Baseball: The Case of Barry Bonds and it’s Relationship to Modern America

The Gift My Dad Gave to Me: Baseball and the Mystery of Life

The Meaning of Opening Day

Opening Day 2011: How Baseball Helps Padre Steve Make Sense of the World

Baseball and Life: The Importance of Perspective

Putting the World back in Order: Baseball Movies Tonight

A Visit from My Dad

A death, a Rain Delay and a Visit from Saint Pete

A Ball Game with Saint Pete: The confluence of Baseball and Faith

Meeting Jesus and the Team at 7-11: A Baseball Fantasy

The Passing of the “Duke of Flatbush”: Duke Snider 1926-2011

Spring Training and the Integration of the Major Leagues

It may be Winter but Scent of Baseball is in the Air and Friends are taking the Field

The Passing of a Baseball Legend: Bob Feller 1918-2010

We Called Him Sparky: A Baseball Legend Passes Away a Victim of Dementia

Thoughts on Baseball and the World Series in a Time of National Turmoil

Padre Steve’s Favorite Baseball Movies

A Tangled Mass of Emotions: Dad, the Boss, an ICU Death and the All-Star Game

Tides Honor the Negro Leagues but Lose to Charlotte 2-1 in Pitcher’s Duel

Padre Steve’s Road Trip

Road Trip to See the Stockton Ports

Blown Call by Umpire Jim Joyce ends Armando Galarraga’s Perfect Game: It is time for the “Eye in the Sky”

Dallas Braden; Perfect Games and Memories of Home in Stockton California

Why Baseball Matters….There’s nothing bad that accrues from baseball

Dad’s Gift of Baseball to Me…a New Season Begins

Baseball is Back….Thank God!

Jackie Robinson and Dr. Martin Luther King they Changed America

Mark McGuire, Tony LaRussa and the Dirty Secret of the Steroid Era

Baseball Beyond Life and Death in the ICU

Yes Friends, God Really Does Speak to Me Through Baseball

For the Love of the Game and the Love of Life; Finding Meaning Life and Love in the Perfect Game

Major League…Jake Taylor, Ricky Vaughn and Me…

How Padre Steve’s Teams did in 2009 and What a Game…Twins Win in 12

Minor League Moves: The Dance Begins, Connecticut Defenders move to Richmond

Crash Davis, Billy Chapel and Padre Steve: Being old but still part of the Game

What Happened? An analysis of the Norfolk Tides in 2009

Managing the “AAA” Franchise: A View from 102

Analyzing the End of Season Collapse of a Baseball Team

Investigate Novitzky and the Prosecutors in the BALCO Major League Baseball Investigation

Scouts Out: My Neighbors in Section 100

Class Acts in Baseball: Tommy Lasorda

Things that Go Plunk on the Diamond: Bean balls, Comebackers and Getting Run Over at Second or Home

Minor League Road Trips

A Tale of Two Organizations: How Major League Performance Impacts Minor League Systems

Trust in God and Keep a Strong Bullpen

The Most Exciting Play in the Game- The Electricity of the Inside the Park Home Run

Breaking Slumps and Losing Streaks

Perfection is a Team Effort: A Decision, a Catch and a Perfect Game

Roster Moves: No Game, Series or Season in Baseball or Life Goes Without Them

Crossing the Mendoza Line: It’s not All about the Lifetime Batting Average

Discerning the Second Coming: The Cubs are the Key

Manny, A-Rod and Barry: How the Media and Government Selectively Target Ballplayers or Don’t

Comebacks in Baseball and Life: 27 Outs- the Baltimore Orioles teach us a Lesson in Life

Duty, Death, Dads, Day Games and Details

The Art of Balance, Baseball and living as a Passionate Moderate

You Win a Few, You Lose a Few. Some Get Rained Out. But You Got to Dress for All of Them

I like Jesus very much, but He no help with Curveball

One Pitch, Game or Season too Many

Last Visit with Dad, Beer with Breakfast and Musings on my Visit to Mudville

Connecting…Baseball and Having My Dad Back for a Few Minutes

The Journey to Mudville

Life in the Ninth Inning- The Game is Never Over Until the Last Out

Unearned Runs and Life

Bad Days and Baseball

Winning Well and a Good Christian Death

How can a Opening Day Rain Out be God’s Will?

The Church of Baseball at Harbor Park- Opening Day Tomorrow

Here’s to you Jackie Robinson

A Beautiful Day for a Ball Game

Baseball is more than a Game, it is a Gift from my Dad

Finishing Well-For the Love of the Game (The Perfect Game)

Baseball Movies- Bull Durham and Carolina Baseball

God Speaks to Me Through Baseball

Baseball and Eschatology…the Cubs are the key

4 responses to “Baseball & Life

  1. Pingback: On Retrospect: The People – A Frank Angle

  2. Bob Zuparko

    Have you ever read James Thurber’s story “You could look it up”? If not, check it out here – it is wonderful:

    • padresteve

      It is a beautiful story. Been a long time since I have written about baseball. Probably would have done so more this year but the COVID19 thing has really messed up my internal calendar where baseball is part of my liturgical year.

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