Photo Page

I need to update this page daily but I’m too lazy to do.  Little in the way of commentary, just photos that I have taken over the years with a very short description of where and when they were taken.  Lots of baseball stuff. The link is here:


Padre Steve+

6 responses to “Photo Page

  1. That’s a great shot, Steve! I love sunsets, particularly in Hawaii, but any sunset will do. Where did you shoot this one?

  2. olivia

    man, that shot really makes me miss my days on the fantail of good ol TR, watchin the sun go down off the atlantic coast…

  3. Joan Rueber Timmermann

    Been trying to research and find out information about Kurt Reuber. Do you have any ideas of who his parents were and which part of of Germany they were from. I also would like to find a copy of the Madonna that he drew with the Light, Life, Love on it…… Thanks…… Reason is kind of that my maiden name is Rueber but looking in past records you can find it spelled many different ways……. Thank you

  4. Ben Stedman

    Great Picture Steve!

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