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Welcome to my little space in cyberspace where my alternate universes of baseball, faith star trek, history and a host of other subjects juxtapose themselves intersecting in sometimes homorous, sometimes serious and hopefully always interesting ways.

A little about me…

I’m a now retired Army and Navy Officer and Chaplain, as well as a Priest in the Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church which is a North American expression of the Old Catholic Church and tradition. I retired from the military with 39 years, 4 months and 6 days of unbroken service. I have been a Priest for almost 25 years. I’ve been married to the love of my life, my extremely long-longsuffering wife Judy for 37 years. If it wasn’t for Judy I would probably be in a lot of trouble, she is the control rods in my nuclear reactor.

I struggle with faith and belief a lot after returning from a tour in Iraq in 2008 with a terrible case of PTSD, and lately diagnosed mild-TBI. I write a lot about those struggles because they are a huge amount of the person I have become.

God speaks to me through Baseball and Soccer.  My favorite authors include Father Andrew Greeley, Roger Kahn, David Halberstam, Max Hastings, Timothy Snyder, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, William Shirer, John Toland, Eric Foner, William Manchester, Walter Lord, John Meacham, Barbara Tuchman, Eric Hoffer, Richard Hofstadter, Richard Evans, Michael Sahara, Bernard Fall, T.E. Lawrence, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Bruce Catton, Hannah Arendt, Michael Korda, Jonathan Eig, B.H. Liddell-Hart, Saul Friedlander, Hans Kung, Juergen Moltmann, Iris Chang, Christopher Hitchens, Kurt Vonnegut, Herman Wouk, Joseph Heller, Robert Massie, Deborah Lipstadt, and Last but not least James McPherson. I could name a lot more but I think that this is a good spectrum.

I am a Fan of the San Francisco Giants, Norfolk Tides, Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics. I think that the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees are evil. Saying that I have probably alienated half of Baseball America.

In Soccer I have been a big fan of Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga since my first tour in Germany in 1985. I spend most Weekend mornings watching the Bundesliga, and evenings catching the Spanish, French, and Italian games. American football has lost its mojo for me.

Religiously I am a moderate to liberal Priest belonging to the Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church which is of the Old Catholic tradition and a big fan of the Second Vatican Council. I am progressive but not extreme in terms of both religion and politics, some might even call me a total liberal and they would not be far off. Despite that I am a patriot, I love my country and have sworn an oath to defend the country and the Constitution, all of it, for almost four decades and my oath as an officer remains central to my ethos and who I am.

I am a Navy Brat and grew up on the West Coast where my dad taught me to love the game of baseball.  My family hails from Huntington West Virginia, I was the first one born out of the state.  I Since joining the Army we have lived all over the place and I have been to much of the world.  We have spent the majority of our time stateside in the South.  I’m a graduate of California State University at Northridge, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where I came our Anglo-Catholic prior to the Fundementalist takeover. I hold a Doctor of Ministry Degree, I completed a second Masters in Military History in 2010. I did a one year Clinical Pastoral Education Residency at Parkland Memorial Hospital, I am a graduate of the Marine Corps Command and Staff College and the Joint Combined Warfighting School at Joint Forces Staff College of the National Defense University. I received my academic rank of Assistant Professor there in 2015.

My friends include conservatives and liberals, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents; Christians from across the spectrum, Catholic and Protestant, Orthodox and Evangelical, Social Gospel and Fundamental, Charismatic and anti-Charismatic, Latter Day Saints, Seventh Day Adventists, Oneness Pentecostals, Particular Baptists, Calvinists, Wesleyans, Premillenial Dispensationalists, Amillenialists, Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans and Wiccans.  Heterosexuals, Homosexuals, anti-Homosexual activist and Pro-Homosexual activists, pro-Lifers and pro-Choicers, militarists and pacifists, capitalists, socialists, environmentalists, industrialists; progressives, traditionalists, white, black, Asian and Hispanic, people from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Korea, Japan and China, India, and Central America, Mississippi and Manhattan, California and Carolina, Dallas and Detroit.   Doctors, lawyers, priests, rabbis and imams; Protestant ministers, labor leaders, teachers, preachers, pundits, poets, politicians, professors and prosecutors; bureaucrats, technocrats, kleptocrats; geeks, freaks, sailors, jailers, whalers, runners, gunners, fighters, riders, sky divers, scuba divers, truck drivers; guitar players, ball players, naysayers; free thinkers, beer drinkers, thrill seekers and Methodists.

On this site you will find a plethora of pernicious posts on subjects far and wide. I write a lot about the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg, Likewise I write a lot about Weimar and Nazi Germany as well as the various War Crimes Trials. I write about the latter as it was my first major area of study at California State University at Northridge where I studied under Professor Helmut Haeussler who had been a translator and interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials.

At the risk of alienating readers I candidly address many issues dealing with social, political and religious issues. Of course much has to deal with baseball, since the Deity Herself speaks to me through baseball as well as history, religion and a bit of this and a bit of that.  The are over close to 3,000 articles on the site, so take your time, pick a category and have some fun, laugh, cry and ponder the musings of Padre Steve.  Please take the time to browse the site.  Make comments and let me know how you found me.

Oh and a note on comments….

I pretty much allow comments, evn those that I disagree with on this site and try to be respectful of those who make them. I do not accept spam comments.  The spam filter is pretty good and I do look through the spam folder just to make sure that a legitimate comment did not end up there.

Now on rare occasion I do not approve a comment that is not spam.  This is simply because the comment is so off the chart and the author refuses to contact me when I ask them to clarify that I say the hell with it and disallow the comment. Nor do I allow comments that even give the appearance of promoting, defending antisemitic or Holocaust Denial. Likewise, if someone makes comments that threaten my life or family, not only do I block them but I do my best to figure out who they are and expose them, or if need be report them to law enforcement. I don’t take shit from anyone.

As for comments that I disagree with and allow I do try to be respectful even if I think that the person who made the comment is an asshole.  Many times I will post a response to such a comment and at that point if I have deemed the commenter a total idiot or asshole might use sarcasm and humor to belittle them as I have on some rare occasions. At the same time there are times where I go high and to the right on someone when a comment hits me wrong. Then I go back and think that I might have been overly harsh and usually both explain my actions and offer an apology.

If you want me to respond personally by e-mail let me know in your comment, otherwise my response will remain in the comment section.

So feel free to leave a comment, I am actually honored when someone bothers to drop a note, even if they think that I am a heretical asshole who is bound for Hell. As to being an asshole, I can live with that, same with the title “heretic.”

And a disclaimer:

The views presented on this site are purely those of the author. They are personal views and not those of the United States Navy, the Department of Defense, the Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church, Major League Baseball, the Bundesliga, or anyone else that I associate with the occasional exception of my Papillons Izzy Bella, Pierre, and Maddy Lyn. 

Blessings on you all,

Padre Steve+

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  1. Kathy Seabolt

    Hi Padre Steve,

    I am a mid-life lady law student who found your blog researching military wills. I am also the daughter of a cold-war era Navy carrier pilot suffering from Alzheimers. A Navy Chaplain provided my only religious instruction growing up, when we were stationed at NAS Willow Grove during Vietnam.

    I am writing a thesis paper on the privilege of the military will, from Julius Caesar through today. I am particularly interested in your observations of young people facing mortality in your role as a Chaplain.
    Would you be willing to have a brief conversation or email exchange with me about this topic? I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance for your interest.

    • padresteve


      I can try, will be glad to see if I can provide what you are looking for. It if funny how many Navy brats I run into out here.



  2. Tom Way

    Hi there,

    just looking at your site. My 86 year old father was a member of the USMC in WWII. He was in the 2nd division, third bttn, K company, third platoon. Saw action on Guadalcanal and was severely WIA on Tarawa. Thanks for keeping the history alive.

  3. Jerry the Usher


    Just wanted to say Hi! Hope all is well with you and yours.


  4. Joe C.

    Padre Steve,
    I tripped over your site while researching something else, and have really enjoyed your musings. Solid, logical stuff with a touch of humility. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Then I saw you are a SF Giants fan and, well, that sealed the deal. I’ll keep checking back. And thank you for your service, especially to those of ours that are in service.
    Joe Costamagna
    Santa Rosa, CA

    • padresteve

      Thanks for the kind words. Giants fans have to stick together huh? Hope the guys can outlast the Padres and Rockies. I would love to see them win the NL West and hopefully go farther than that.
      Padre Steve+

  5. Nice redesign Padre Steve. I like the resource links to the Weimar and Pearl Harbour too. I’ll vote for 14 point type, as white on black actually looks smaller than it actually is. Aside from that, how’s figuring out WordPress going? You can reply directly to email if you prefer.


  6. I tried emailing this comment to the cox.net address, but it was returned.
    The redesign does look nice, but I find white text on black background very difficult to read. Another blogger who went to 14 pt found it actually exacerbated the problem, as the starkness of the contrast increased with increased font size. He ended up going to a dark charcoal background with lightly grayed text.

    I do have old eyes, so I may not be the best judge. But I’ve enjoyed reading your blog on a regular basis, and the change does make it difficult.

    • padresteve

      That’s odd. Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I’ll have to look at what options gives for font. I think that I am using the font that they provide for regualr paragraphs. I’ll take a look and see what I can come up with. Thanks and blessings

    • padresteve

      This template gives white, black, red and brown options for the background. I got tired of white from my last template, I don’t like brown and thought that red would be too hard on the eyes

  7. Pierre Lagacé


    I found your blog through this…


    I’m Pierre Lagacé.
    Read the three articles I wrote about someone who was looking for her great-grandfather Raymond Roberts who died on June 8, 1940.

    God works in many ways.

  8. Liz P

    Hello! My name is Liz and my Dad was in the USN for 20 years. From him not only do I have his love of History, but I also have his wanderlust as well as his love of learning. I born and raised Catholic but left in the wake of scandal that rocked the parish I grew up in. Since then I am a member of the Church of Christ. I was wondering what is the “Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church”?

    • padresteve

      Liz. Thank you for your kind words. It sounds like your dad was quite a man. In answer to your question the ACOC is a Church of the Old Catholic tradition. The Old Catholic Church began as the Catholic Church in the Netherlands and was officially formed in 1870 as a separate denomination leaving due to the First Vatican Council proclaiming Papal Infallibility. Blessings, Padre Steve+

  9. Brian P. Smith

    Hi Steve, I really like your pages and we probably have a great deal in common: military service (I am former USMC), faith, history, and baseball…at least. This evening I watched a terrific little docu-drama on the military channel called “Commanders At War”. This episode was a very well done dramatic synopsis of the Battle of Kurtz from the commanders perspectives – von Manstein and Zhukov. Later, I jumped on the web and was scanning through Google images of von Manstein and also Guderian and fell upon your wonderful blog! BUT the real reason I decided to drop you a line is that I wanted to share a terrific new book with you called “The House that Ruth Built” by Robert Weintraub. I believe it’s brand new or fairly new. I figured any baseball fan and historian would love this book, as I really did. It tells the story of the rise of the Yankess (no, I’m not really a Yankee fan but they are so relelevant arent they?) in 1923. The tale of an epic season, their first World Series championship coinciding with their first season in their new stadium. Larger than life figures like John McGraw, Col. Jacob Ruppert and the nearly forgotten Cap Huston (Huston was co-owner of the Yanks in ’23 – I didnt know that – he is the man who truly built Yankee Stadium…had a deep background in civil engineering and construction). And of course, larger than all of ’em – The Babe. This is an excellent book. I would not hesitate to put it right up there with both of David Halberstram’s classics “Summer of ’49” and “October 1964” (and that’s good company for any baseball book). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Brian Smith
    Oceanside, CA

  10. Padresteve,
    In looking up my fathers name online I stumbled onto your online entry. I can’t say I remember you burying my dad but there were so many people there and many events of that day have left my memory. Just wanted to say God bless you,
    Kim (Boyd) Goodlavage

  11. Toby Humphry

    Padre Steve

    I’ve sent you an email (to padresteve@cox.net) and hope that you will reply when you have time.

    Toby Humphry

    • Hello Chaplain Steve,
      Please clarify what you mean by “…Deity Herself speaks to me…” found on the Welcome to my World section. Is your god female? — Please elaborate. Thank you!


      • padresteve

        Thanks for the question. Actually the term “The Deity Herself” is borrowed from Fr Andrew Greeley’s Bishop Blackie Ryan character in his Bishop Blackie Ryan mystery novels. I use it to get under the skin of men that don’t like women in any real kind of authority and what better way than to refer to God in that manner. It is kind of a light hearted thing on my part. Apart from that I am orthodox in my view of the Christian Godhead.

  12. Hi Steve! I’m Lisa with TLC Book Tours. Last year you reviewed Wounded Giant for my partner, Trish. I have a couple books coming up on tour that I’d like to run by you for possible review on your site. One is a baseball book and the other is a narrative non fiction title about the race between American cities to host the United Nations after WWII. I can’t find your email address here, so perhaps you could email me about it? Thanks! ~Lisa

  13. Jan

    After reading your welcome introduction I am made aware that you are one false teacher/preacher.

  14. Steve,

    I found you just a simple search of military posts on wordpress. After a quick look, I feel that I am reading my own words. I didn’t know I have a brother from another mother out there, thank you.

    I can’t wait to discover more from you. My only problem is that I can only follow you once and not multiple time. Ha ha.

  15. Ian Stewart

    Hello Padre Steve,
    I stumbled onto your blog while doing some research on Smedley Butler. As a retired Army tanker (23 years) and a capital “L” liberal (hey, I live in Vermont – what else could I be?), I found your posts interesting, insightful and from a kindred spirit.
    May I ask a couple of biographical questions?
    – You were a chaplain in the Army and now, the Navy. How did that happen?
    – I believe I read that you were, at first, an Episcopal priest and due to your “liberalism” was invited to pursue other interests by your bishop. At one time, I was a practicing Episcopalian and found the church to be quite liberal (female priests, Rites I and II, gay bishops, etc) and not conservative at all. As your blog says, you seem quite moderate so I’m a bit confused. How is it your bishop asked you to resign?

    If either of these questions are too personal, please decline to answer and accept my apologies in advance.

  16. Padre Steve,
    You were mentioned in a HuffPost article about widespread “moral injury” among veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The article had a link to your blog, and I look forward to spending significant here reading and hopefully healing. I am not a veteran but I am a traumatic brain injury survivor, something in common with far far too many veterans. I hope to find motivation in your blog, something to get me off my butt and moving again.

  17. Padre Steve,
    I just became aware of your blog via a post you made of the group “Warships of the World” on Facebook. I am not a veteran but have always been a fan of the military, military history and just history in general. What I have seen/read so far I have been very impressed with and look forward to reading more of your postings. I do particularly enjoy the various Star Trek references you have sprinkled n your commentary. I too relate a lot of life experiences to thoughts and ideas that come across in Gene Roddenberry’s creation. LLAP!

  18. Dear Padre Steve, you have a mighty fine blog here. What a great mix of Christianity, history, naval service and Star Trek. If I didn’t have my blog then I would have tried to write yours but no doubt in no way as good

  19. Bill Downs

    Good morning Chaplain,
    My name is Bill Downs and I’m a retired Navy Chief Boatswain Mate. I stumbled upon your web-site as I was doing some research for a fellow veteran on his father’s ship (USS Parrot DD-218). As I began reading some of your “musings” on religion and other topics I quickly learned that we have a lot in common (including the lack of hair). I enlisted in the Navy in 1966 at the tender age of 17 and after a very disappointing first enlistment (I was on two sub-tenders USS Bushnell AS-15 and USS Canopus AS-34) I exited the service in 1969. However, it didn’t take long before I realized that the Navy had developed some very strong ideals in me about life and how things should be done and I re-enlisted in 1973. I had acquired a wife and son during my tour of duty in CIVLANT and when I began my second enlistment I was assigned new construction on the USS Kalamazoo AOR-6. My new wife and sone had never been exposed to navy life and they soon realized that I would be spending a majority of my time away from them and out on the big pond.

    I won’t bore you with the next 22+ years I spent on active duty, but since my retirement in 1989 I have spent the last 25 years being a poster child for the service I love (I have been told that I need to add some clothing to my wardrobe that doesn’t say “NAVY” on it). I went back to school after retiring and received my degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. After working for a printing company in Stevens Point for 13 years I retired again (now I’m just tired) and have spent the majority of my time playing golf, writing, and serving as the Public Relations Officer for our local AMVETS Post and American Legion Post.

    I will check back often to read more of your musings and I only have one criticism of what I have read so far. You really need to use your spell check and grammar check more often. Some of the musings have a few errors that I’m sure you would have caught if you had done some proof reading, or ran spell/grammar check. Other than that, I am fairly close to many of your beliefs and all though I have not been a member of any established religion since I was 13, I was raised as a Babtist by my parents and have benfitted from many of those teachings.

    Have a great day Padre!
    Bill Downs BMC(SW) USN-Ret.
    email: bdowns48@yahoo.com

    • padresteve

      Thank you so much for you kind words and comments. I also thank you for your service. My dad retired as an Aviation Storekeeper Chief from the USS Hancock in 1974.
      It is nice to see the things that we have in common too!
      Blessings my friend!

  20. Padre Steve — While I’ve been out of the services for years, I often watch AFRN-TV where I recently saw your story. I appreciated what you had to say. Thank you, for your service and your words of encouragement to vets everywhere. — Tom Darby

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  22. Padre Steve you have an image of HMS Electra sailing past as HMS Hood blows up. I would like to use the image in an exhibition but do not know where it comes from. Please could you forward any info you have to I can seek the owner of the copyright for its use. Thank you
    Adrian Campbell-Black British Defence Attache Jakarta

    • padresteve

      Adrian, I found it online quite a while ago. I do not know the author. However, I have a friend in the UK who knows all things related to Hood. I will ask him. Send me your contact info via the e-mail contact on my page and I will put him in contact with you.

  23. My GOODNESS what a story! I will say this Steve, you are a man of many profound experiences along with an obvious intelligence and wisdom! Those are some pretty darn good traits to have Sir… along with your remarkable wife of course! LOL 😉

  24. Chuck Tingstad

    I came across a Betty Bowers review of Mikey’s book, searched on that book, found your site, and am excited to look around. May dad was a Coastie serving as a sonar-man side-b-side with Navy guys in the north Atlantic during WWII. He never talked about his service except about the bad food (SOS.) At his funeral, I found out why from one of his American Legion buddies. Suffered badly from survivor’s remorse. Half the crew died, and he had “seen” the torpedoes coming on sonar that scuttled the ship. He had a career as an electrician, mostly foreman or gen. foreman, most of that in Orange County, CA, before dying of ALS at 57 years of age.

    My brother served ’71-’74, after college, low draft no., and after the Army put him through a year of learning Russian at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA. Sent him to Berlin to listen in. My sister served 7 years active duty after graduation from UC Davis in Nutrition/Dietetics, the Army got her Registered Dietitian, and she served in the Army Reserve for 30 years, retired out as a Lt. Col. AFTER she had her retirement ceremony, the Army Reserve sent her a letter saying she had been promoted to full bird. She always complained about the incompetency of the Army Reserve, so it was funny. She still retired out higher than her husband, who only made Major.

    I was raised a Presbyterian, but pretty much quit that around 13-14 YO. Went to Catholic mass for 20 years, as my wife was Catholic, though I never converted. Still occasionally go to the mission-style Catholic Church in my neighborhood, the poorest parish in diocese. There are openly gay couples there, and the priest, who was ordained in Africa, teaches Muslim studies at our local Jesuit uni, Gonzaga. My daughter graduated from GU, and GU Law, and is a prosecuting attorney in Cincinnati, where her husband (BF-GF since 10th grade) just graduated from medical school.

    I see you forgot to mention Quakers in your impressive list of various religious sects; I have a lot of liberal (non programmed) Quaker leanings and have attended meetings, but we don’t have one here in town. I admire liberation theology of the Roman Catholics. Pretty much a Liberal, with some tendancies towards some libertarian and paleo-conservative tenets. I follow a lot of progressive Christian sites.

    I’m am semi-retired and work part time for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Outreach Center, which provides numerous services in our community, including WIC, a housing assistance center, Early Head Start, children’s services full time during the summer, before and after school programs, senior citizen program, homeless outreach. I believe in the philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr. I consider his Beyond Vietnam speech one of the finest ever delivered.

    Recovering flame-thrower, I prefer long reads and good commentary between various factions.

    Just thought I’d give you an intro before treading into your interesting world, Padre.

  25. Dave

    DiTCH PaCK

    Acronym for the seven virtues
    Spread the word.
    Join the D i TCH P a CK

  26. admincreator4u

    May I use please extracts of the ships of Normandy as I’m writing about the Normandy landings in my new book called Angels Aboard. My name is David banks and I’m a disabled hobbyist writer of 73 . My website is www. Jdbbooklets.org.uk it tells about me and why I write . So may I sir use some extracts vans put your name in the bibliography of this book due out September this year .
    Yours sincerely
    David banks

  27. Wanted to send you some new info on Kate Hewitt who was engaged to John Reynolds. Basically myself and another person have proved that she was not the Kate Hewitt in Stillwater, NY. If you’d like the link to our article email me at mpitkin (at ) live.com ~Mary Stanford Pitkin

    • padresteve

      Thank you. I will. I will be interested in finding out your method of proof if nothing else. For me the evidence I have seen is pretty strong, but I always remain open to new evidence.

  28. I realize I’m a bit slow but I just recently heard about the unusual circumstances of the death of David Wilkerson and was looking into them which led me to your post on the subject. In light of my own experiences may I offer another conclusion than swerving into oncoming traffic due to depression (longterm, clinical, or otherwise). I might entertain that notion except for one fact. His wife was in the car with him.
    However, in the year 2011 (oddly enough), I was going through my own dark night when everything was against me and it felt like satan was attacking on several fronts. I had to quickly vacate my apartment and my belongings when the ceiling gave way with a waterfall. Suddenly homeless and wiped out I was leaving my building for the last time with a small box of my belongings. Some people were coming IN through the door struggling to haul something. I said, “let me prop the door open for you with my box.” I bent down to do it. The next thing I remember I was physically flying through the air in the opposite direction and I had only a second to close my eyes before my right cheek hit the top step of the down staircase a few feet away. I tumbled down the steps head over feet several times and became conscious again when the Firemen were trying to unwedge my broken body from the stairwell. Nobody knows how the accident that almost killed me occurred because the physical strength needed to hurl me down the stairs with such force was even beyond my own means. There is much more remarkable about the event that I cannot get into here and your response will depend on how far-reaching your own beliefs are. But, I simply state the truth for your further consideration and tell you I’m glad to have discovered your blog and am now following it. I’m looking forward to reading and learning more from/about you. Except maybe for the baseball stuff. 😉
    Sincerely, Laura-Lee 🇨🇦🙋🏻‍♀️

    • padresteve

      Thank you for sharing your story and beliefs. I do believe that Satan is a destroyer of all that is good. However, that being said after reading his blog over the month before his death, examining the Texas Highway Pastoral Accident Report and viewing all the pictures in it, and getting the autopsy report, I have to be truthful. I admired David, but he and his wife were both very sick and he had his church stolen out from under him by people he groomed for ministry and lives who he helped save from drug abuse and gang violence. I believe what you said happened to you, but do not think that it was a part of David’s death. I am a trained accident investigator, and when one reads all the statements, the reports, and autopsy results there is only conclusion, it was suicide, and it takes nothing away from my respect or love for David. The human condition and human nature are actually more common than Satanic intervention. That is why Jesus died for our sins, not Satan’s. Likewise, even the most faithful and decent Christians can be afflicted with physical illness, betrayal, and profound clinical depression which results in changes to our body chemistry often commit suicide. That is not a weakness, it is a part of being human, and Jesus does understand, and will not condemn anyone in such circumstances.

      Thank you for you comments, and for following what I write. You will certainly learn from some, and probably find reason to agree or disagree with any subject that I write about. Please stay in contact, but let us not discuss this subject again. I grew so weary from really nasty attacks about the article that I finally blocked comments on it, yours were kind and that is why I am responding to you.

      I thank you for sharing this very intimate and vulnerable part of your life here. I will not disparage your experience, and may be very well true for you. But I can only say that it is not necessarily a universal truth, just as I cannot claim any of my experiences as a Christian, especially those that I would consider supernatural are necessarily true for any other Christian. The lessons of Scripture, the lives of 2000 years of Christians, and plain reason prevent me from doing so. I am fallible, sinful, and completely rely on the grace of God and a belief that I have nothing to teach Jesus about the Christian life or theology.

      I wish you all the best and thank you again for sharing.


      Padre Steve+

      • I can appreciate that you MUST have had a wave of comments on that topic for sure. It was a bit tricky of me to approach you in your About Me section but honestly I just couldn’t find your Contact page. But I’ve added my “two cents” feeling I had something NEW to offer on the topic, but now I’m content to leave it. Ultimately, neither of us know what happened to David Wilkerson for sure, but as with all things, God does know and is on top of things.
        But it can be both a good and bad thing to allow opposing comments (I allow the same at my blog), but people will beat a topic like a dead horse sometimes and since time is so precious we need to be wise enough to know when to move on.
        I very much appreciate the time and effort it took to give me such a lengthy reply. It demonstrates your respect for your readers and people as individuals. I had already sensed your ability to research something and desire to get at the truth as well as your keen deductive reasoning. So I’m not surprised to hear that you investigate accidents. I have the same bent of reasoning and my father worked for the Canadian government to investigate plane crashes. (Part of my DNA?). I investigate crashes too but as a behaviourist mine are of the human kind. And I just generally find people fascinating and love to learn more about them. That being said, (rather long-windedly) I am still VERY pleased to have located you and to learning more about you. Even to the point of being motivated to read some of your sports posts. 😲 And no doubt you’ll be seeing my comments crop up here and there. I won’t be offended by you and, I hope, you won’t be offended by me and we will part each time giving each other the benefit of the doubt and as friends. Deal?
        Sincerely, Laura-Lee 🙋🏻‍♀️

      • padresteve

        Thank you so much, for people like you it is easy to give a long reply and appreciate what you have to say. Likewise I really meant what I said complimentary of David. I knew one of his former parishioners at Times Square Church who saw the take over from the inside. It broke my heart, especially knowing that his wife was so sick and many of his closest companions in Texas had passed away. It’s not so easy with the White Supremacists and Neo Nazis who fill the comments with such hate filled invective and offer no facts as they make their ad hominem attacks. I have a number of those the past few weeks. But please be and please always be safe and have a blessed night. Free Free to comment whenever you want. We might disagree but I will always treat you with proper respect and Christian love. Peace and blessings, Steve+

      • I feel your pain, Bro. That old “sticks and stones” saying is often not true. Words have the power to hurt in a massive and lingering way, and even more so if they are hate-filled. Hard to shake off sometimes. Another type of storm to weather. But you are doing it with dignity and showing your character. At least to those who have the eyes and desire to see it. I’m with you. 👍🏻
        Thanks for your good wishes. I’ve just added you to my prayer list, Steevo. (And apparently taken the liberty of giving you a silly nick-name too)
        LL 😊

      • padresteve

        I appreciate that so much. Back at you.

  29. Sam H Hobbs

    I will show my potential ignorance here. You occasionally mention a book you’re working on. Can you share some details or point me to whatever post you’ve already provided that I somehow missed.
    If you prefer to reply by email, that works:

    • padresteve

      It is mentioned in several posts over the past month. The title is “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!” Racism, Religion, Ideology and Politics in the Civil War and their Continuing Importance.” It has been contracted by Potomac Books a division of University of Nebraska Press. I have to finish my edits and index by the end of the month.

  30. RFM Murphy

    Hi Steve. Haven’t been able to comment in 2021. WordPress has blocked my murchadanz account because I cancelled a deal with them so using my old school account. Just wanted to say on Jan 6 here in NZ that we are praying for you and your country. Cheers and best wishes from Roy Murphy.

  31. Dear Padre Steve, I just discovered your wonderful site, while searching for “country music response to capitol insurgency.” i’m fascinated, and i’m supposed to be working, so i’m going to leave it open til my next break. but i would like to ask, i hope you meant “despite that I am a patriot” ironically? I am an army brat from the east coast, now 62 and living in the wild west, a buddhist, a political progressive, AND a patriot, no “despite” about it… respectfully, from a vast common ground. thank you!

  32. Dee Dee

    Hello, Padre Steve. I have two questions for you – questions that I have had to wrestle with. 1. What if, as a Catholic, I am wrong about the Catholic church? (I was) 2. What if, as an American, I am wrong about what the “news” tells me about the President? (I was)

    • padresteve

      I would ask you to clarify your questions. They are very vague and depending what you mean the answers could be radically different.

  33. RPGWales

    Hello Padre Steve,

    I am a Padre in the British Army. I have been a reservists for 16 years and 2 tours, but last year (at the age of 57) signed up for full time miltary service. After almost 30 years in local church ministry, working in the Army has been an absolute delight! I have to say that the church had knocked the stuffing out of me, and there didn’t seem to be much space for my doubts or questions. After being pretty bruised, I think my army brothers and sisters are beginning to help me heal.

    I shall look forward to following your posts and seeing what wisdom I can find for my future in ministry…. or maybe just life in general.


    BTW, I can accross your site whilst looking form information on US drill in the Civil War for some wargames rules I am writing!

  34. Hi Padre Steve
    I have been following your site for a while and I thought you might like to hear this. We saw the original Stalingrad Madonna in Berlin and a copy at Coventry.
    Best wishes and keep up the great work

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