Weimar, Nazi Germany & the Holocaust

In addition to being a Padre in my Church, the Navy and the Church of Baseball I am also a historian. The real kind with a Bachelors in History with an emphasis in German History during the Weimar and Nazi era, a Masters Degree in Military History with a World War II Concentration, a lot of masters level courses in Church History done for my Master of Divinity and the Marine Corps Command and Staff College.

Because of this I have done a lot of work in the field of Germany during the Weimar and Nazi era beginning with the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II and continuing to the end of the Second World War. These articles are separate from my World War II articles dealing with various battles and campaigns.  This section also contains my first attempt at Alternative History dealing with what might happen if Hitler had been killed in a 1943 assassination attempt.

The Uneasy Alliance: The Army and Government during the German Revolution and Civil War 1919-1922

Ein Volk Steht Auf: The German Volksturm, Ideology and late war Nazi Strategy

The Ideological War: How Hitler’s Racial Theories Influenced German Operations in Poland and Russia

The Uncomfortable Legacy of Colonel General Ludwig Beck

Operation “Dachs” My First Foray into the Genre “Alternative History”

The Danger of Believing Historical Myths: Hitler, the Stab in the Back and the United States

Lessons on Coalition Warfare: The Dysfunctional Coalition German and the Axis Partners on the Eastern Front

One response to “Weimar, Nazi Germany & the Holocaust

  1. Robert ( Robbie)

    2012 my resolution will be to study:-
    Rommel & Afrikakorp
    2nd S S Panzer Division ” Das Reich ”
    I have several books on the aforementioned, I know it wil be a matter of head down, pen/paper ready, with the greatest of respect, do you have any advice. This project is only 10 months old.
    With kindest regards

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