I do a lot of writing about the Battle of Gettysburg now since I lead the Staff Ride to the battlefield for the Staff College. Expect that this page will continue be added to over the coming months and years. Of course like any of my pages the articles may not get posted to the page nearly as quickly as I write the. However as of today they are current. That is as of today April 9th 2014.

“This Fiery Line” The Triumph of Lieutenant Colonel Freeman McGilvery and the Artillery at Plum Run, Gettysburg July 2nd 1863

Councils of War at Gettysburg: Robert E Lee and James Longstreet a Contest of Wills

A Council of War: Meade and his Generals Decide to Stay and Fight at Gettysburg July 2nd 1863

Indescribably Grand… a Mere Waste of Ammunition: The Confederate Artillery at Pickett’s Charge

“The Artillery…Must Concur as a Unit” -Henry Hunt and the Union Artillery at Pickett’s Charge

Gettysburg Day Two: The Peach Orchard, Wheat Field and Devil’s Den

The King of Battle at Gettysburg: Union and Confederate Artillery Types and Organization

Remembering Gettysburg and the New Birth of Freedom

Counting the Cost: Gettysburg in Flesh and Blood

The Frustrations of General Lee at Gettysburg: Mistakes, Miscommunication and Misunderstanding, the Confederate Failure on July 2nd

“For God’s Sake Forward!” John Reynolds at Gettysburg

Experience versus Inexperience, Accident and Intent: Harry Heth and John Buford on July 1st at Gettysburg

Lee Blunders into Battle: Day One at Gettysburg

Gettysburg: The Order of Battle

Gettysburg: June 28th the Day of Surprises

Gettysburg, Vicksburg and the Campaign of 1863: The Relationship between Strategy and Operational Art

The Gettysburg Campaign: Lee Moves North, the Battle of Brandy Station, Stuart’s Ride and the Relief of Fighting Joe Hooker

The Gettysburg Campaign: Lee Decides to Go on the Offensive

Gettysburg at 150: The Soul of a Hero Joshua Chamberlain

A New Birth of Freedom: The Gettysburg Address at 150

Images of Gettysburg

Four Score and Seven: July 4th at Gettysburg

Gettysburg Day Three: The Tragedy of Friends at War; Lewis Armistead and Winfield Scott Hancock

Gettysburg at 150 and the Lingering Curse of the “Lost Cause” on the United States

Protecting the Ideal: Reflections on Gettysburg, Freedom and Why It Matters

Four Score and Seven: July 4th at Gettysburg

Reflecting on the High Water Mark of the Confederacy and the Importance of Our Union

The American Ideological War: The American Civil War…The Continuation of Politics by Other Means

“Don’t Give an Inch” The Engineer and the Professors on the Hill, Major General Gouverneur Warren and Colonels Strong Vincent and Joshua Chamberlain

Gettysburg Day Two: The Peach Orchard, Wheat Field and Devil’s Den

The Forgotten Hero: Brigadier General George Sears Greene at Culp’s Hill: Night of July 2nd and 3rd 1863

“The Glory of Fighting” The Anticlimactic Clash of Cavalry at Gettysburg, July 3rd 1863



5 responses to “Gettysburg

  1. I appreciate the update to your essay! You mentioned taking students to the Battlefield–are you both teaching & going to law school at the same time?

    • padresteve

      Julia, not in law school. Teach at the Joint Forces Staff College where I make this journey with students at least three times a year. Right now not in any doctoral program. Waiting to use Post 9-11 GI Bill to do so when I retire in 2017

  2. George A. Fruth, CPT, LG, US Army

    I have been given the mission to put together a staff ride to Gettysburg for my BN. My BN CDR would like to have you help lead it and if not possible, could we attend your staff ride you conduct for the Joint Forces Staff College? Please let me know if you are able to help.

    CPT Fruth

    • padresteve

      CPT Fruth, I would love to do it. send me an e-mail thru the e-mail contact on the site or get me your contact info and I will work it out with JFSC. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  3. Wow! This will take some time to get through. LOL But already just from what I’ve browsed this looks great Steve! Lots of hard work obviously, but you love it I’m sure. 😉

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