Veterans & Friends


As I grow older I realize that relationships are ever more important. For me these relationships are most special when they involve my shipmates, friends and veterans. This page features articles that I have written about those men and women who have been there for me and those that have served their country, friends and humanity. Some are about others, teachers and family and friends. A good number of these articles are about friends that passed away far too soon and who though no longer on this earth still serve as examples to us and are not forgotten by me as well as the many others whose lives they touched. I hope that these articles help all of us remember the words of Jesus who said “I no longer call you servants, but friends.” 


Padre Steve+

Thoughts after a Walk on the Beach: The Tapestry of Navy Life and Relationships

The Fallen: Remembering the Human Cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Too Young: In Memory Commander Marsha Hanly, Nurse Corps US Navy

A Memorial Service for HM1 David Graney and the End of a Long Week

The Brotherhood: Veterans Day 2011

I Just Want to Thank Everyone that made this Night Necessary

The Bond

Memorial Day 2011: Counting the Cost of War and Remembering its Brotherhood

The Week before Armed Forces Day 2011

The Importance of the Navy Family

Full Military Honors: Getting a Chance to Repay a Service done for My Family by the Navy

Veterans Day 2010: Counting the Cost of War

Goodbyes and Prayers: Sending Friends off to War

Memorial Day Weekend 2010: We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers

Too Young…Naval Medical Center Portsmouth loses another one of Its Own

Stunned Silence and Tears: The Death of a Marine, Soldier and Comrade

Remembering Hammerin’ Harmon: Harmon “Killer” Killebrew 1936-2011

In Memoriam: Professor Helmut Haeussler the Most influential Teacher in my Life

In Memory of My Dad: Aviation Storekeeper Chief Carl Dundas, Husband, Father, Grandfather and Navy Chief 27 July 1935- 23 June 2010

Saying Goodbye to a Shipmate…Fair Winds and Following Seas Senior Chief Branum

Yet another Unexpected Death of a Shipmate and Probable Rough Seas Ahead

A Healing Community Grieves-Portsmouth Naval Medical Center Experiences Yet another Tragic Death

3 responses to “Veterans & Friends

  1. tim

    Do you remember the phrase “all medical bills paid for life” I was in the af from 73-75 and it seemed to be a major selling point.

    • padresteve

      I do remember, back in tge early dsys of the all-volunteer force it was a big selling point.

      • timackarley

        been trying to find some of the advertising from then the va seems to think false advertising is ok to do i disagree but need proof

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