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The Sinking of the Cheonan and the Escalation of Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

The forward half of teh hulk of the Corvette Cheoson being raised from the Yellow Sea

On March 26th at 2110 hrs local the 1200 ton South Korean Corvette Cheonan (PCC-722) was torpedoed by a North Korean Submarine about 1 nautical mile from Baengnyeong Island. The assailant appears to have been a North Korean Yeono Class miniature submarine using a North Korean CHT-02D 21” torpedo using acoustic homing mechanism set for a detonation under the hull of Cheonan at 6-9 meters depth.  There is the possibility that a Song class coastal submarine could have been involved but the likelihood is a Yeono class boat based on the proximity to land and the observation of a number of “small submarines” departing base a few days before and returning a few days after to their tender. The blast created an underwater shockwave and bubble effect which broke the back of the ship causing it to sink in less than 5 minutes with the loss of 46 crew members.

The probable assailant a Yeono or Yono class Miniature Sub and an Iranian variant below

The sinking of Cheonan was the first sinking of a warship by a hostile submarine since the Argentine light cruiser the General Belgrano was sunk by the Royal Navy nuclear hunter-killer attack submarine Conqueror on May 2nd 1982 during the Falkland war.  The sinking of the Belgrano was controversial but occurred in the context of active hostilities and which posed no real threat to regional destabilization or a war that could easily escalate into a nuclear, chemical and biological conflict. The Cheonan was sunk by the North Koreans in a clear violation of the Korean Armistice and represents such a brazen move by the North Koreans that one has to wonder what purpose that it served.  There are reports that Kim Jong Il ordered the attack in retaliation for a confrontation in the same area in November 2009 in which a North Korean ship was heavily damaged.

The last warship sunk by a hostile submarine

The effects are now being felt following the May 20th release of the international investigation of the sinking which confirmed with hard evidence that the torpedo was North Korean and that there were no other possibilities for the sinking. ( ) The North Koreans reacted with anger toward the report while South Korea, the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada and the UN made statements condemning the sinking.  In the following days the US and South Korea announced naval exercises ( ) ( ) and on the 24th the South Koreans suspended economic relations and assistance to the North and announced the renewal of psychological warfare against the North. The North Koreans have responded in kind severing all relations with the South, threatening to attack sites broadcasting into the North and announced that it gave its military the order to prepare for war.;_ylt=Alwl3biZwLFab7TyXX4HwRz9xg8F;_ylu=X3oDMTM5NTExM2R2BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwNTI1L2FzX3Nrb3JlYV9zaGlwX3NpbmtzBGNjb2RlA21vc3Rwb3B1bGFyBGNwb3MDMgRwb3MDMgRzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3JpZXMEc2xrA25rb3JlYXNldmVycw

North Korean Torpedo components from the sinking of the Cheonan

The North on the 21st announced that “From this time on, we will regard the situation as a phase of war and will be responding resolutely to all problems in North-South relations,” and that “If the South puppet group comes out with ‘response’ and ‘retaliation’, we will respond strongly with ruthless punishment including the total shutdown of North-South ties, abrogation of the North-South agreement on non-aggression and abolition of all North-South cooperation projects.” ( )

Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon said that the Security Council should take action against North Korea stating “I’m confident that the council, in fulfilling its responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, will take measures appropriate to the gravity of the situation.” ( )

The situation seems to escalate by the hour as additional nations condemn the North Koreans and movement in the UN to do sop as well.  With the problem of succession in the North Korean leadership and potential struggles for internal power between the North Korean military and others within Communist Party and government it is hard to say who might gain in this situation. There are reports that part of the reason for the attack was the need for Kim Jong Il to secure the place of his son to leader the regime if he is incapacitated or dies.  The succession of Kim to the leadership was unusual as it was the first time in a Communist nation that the son of the national leader succeeded his father.  It is possibility that senior military or party leadership could oppose such a move.

There are a number of scenarios for this to play out.  Of course one would be for the North to stand down however that would be an act of weakness and loss of face for the regime after sinking a South Korean warship.  The other alternatives include the full fledged resumption of the Cold War on the peninsula or even the outbreak of a regional war which could draw in other nations and involve the use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons on a large scale.   Any such situation would devastate the economies of much of Asia which in tour could cripple the world economy at a time when the European Union is in crisis, the United States is struggling its way out of a recession and many other nations are experiencing economic crisis or downturn.

This is a very dangerous situation and as one who has spent time on the Korean DMZ I can imagine almost nothing worse for the world than a war in Northeast Asia, perhaps a major showdown in the Arabian Gulf with Iran or a major conflict involving Israel and Iran or other Middle Eastern states, but not much other than those scenarios.  The situation has also demonstrated the threat to warships in the littorals from comparatively simple, cheap and deadly platforms firing weapons based on World War Two technology.  The reality for naval surface forces be they in the Korean littorals, the Arabian Gulf or Gulf of Oman is that low tech weaponry on low tech platforms in congested waters can deal deadly blows to unsuspecting warships.

This situation will need to be watched as it has the potential to get worse with dire consequences.


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Tides Lose Sunday 8-4 to Rochester but Win on Pitching and Defense Monday 2-1 Tillman wins his 5th Game

Brandon Snyder launches a 2 RBI double in the 1st inning of Sunday’s game

Well Sunday’s weather was best described as murky as were the fortunes of the Tides as they were defeated by a score of 8-4 by the visiting Rochester Red Wings at Harbor Park.  With a delay of 45 minutes due to rain to begin the day and the constant threat of showers throughout the day the Tides got out to a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the 1st inning when Rhyne Hughes singled to drive across Robert Andino and Brandon Snyder pounded out a double to score Josh Bell and Rhyne Hughes.

Josh Bell waves Rhyne Hughes across the plate on Brandon Snyder’s Double Sunday

But just when you thought it was safe to go into the water the Red Wings who had hammered the Tides on Saturday night struck again for 5 runs off of Brandon Erbe in the top of the 2nd inning on 7 hits including a 2 RBI triple by Brock Peterson.  Erbe finished the second inning be he was done for the day as the Tides brought in Ross Wolf.  Wolf would pitch three solid innings allowing 2 hits and 2 walks but no runs showing his continued poise to hold an opposing team when they have the momentum. Denis Sarfate came on in the 6th inning to shut down the Red “hot” Wings allowing a hit and a walk but nothing more striking out four in 2 innings work.

The work of Wolf and Sarfate seemed to give the Tides a chance to get back into the game and Jeff Salazar got them back into the game with a solo home run, his 6th of the year off of Wings reliever Steven Waldrop.  However in the top of the 8th the Wings came back with 3 runs on 3 hits the big one being a 2 run homer by Brian Dinkleman.  The Tides would muster nothing more and the game ended with the Red Wings defeating the Tides by a score of 8-4.

For the Tides they had 4 runs 8 hits with one error and 7 men left on base. The Wings had 8 runs on 13 hits and no errors with 8 runners left on base.  The winning pitcher was Rochester reliever Tim Lahey (3-1 6.90) and the loser Brandon Erbe (0-8 6.80).

Chris Tillman delivering a called 3rd strike on Rochester Outfielder Dustin Martin

Monday night would be another matter it was the night of the pitchers.  All the scoring was accounted for in the 1st inning on this temperate and windy Tuesday night.  The Wings struck first as Jason Repko led off with a double and was driven home by Matt Tolbert.  Jose Morales then walked but Tillman got Dustin Martin to ground into a double play and got Danny Valencia to pop out to third to end the inning.  In the bottom frame the Tides got to work fast. Jeff Salazar led off with a double and was singled home by Robert Andino who would score on a Josh Bell double. That gave the Tides a 2-1 lead which starter Chris Tillman (5-4 3.24) and the relief corps tenaciously defended with the help of inspired defense.  Tillman left after completing six innings allowing just the one run on 8 hits walking one and striking out seven.  He was relieved in the 7th by Armando Gabino who was a gem of a pickup for the Tides becoming a very solid middle relief and set up man as well as occasional starting pitcher. Gabino would pitch three innings giving up 3 hits and a walk, allowing no runs and striking out three.  However good his pitching was it was defense that came to his rescue in the 8th and 9th innings. The defensive highlights were many but two most memorable came late in the game to squelch Red Wing rallies in the 8th and 9th innings.  In the 8th with 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd Wilson Ramos singled to left field and Danny Valencia decided to test the arm of Jeff Salazar. Salazar threw a laser which took one hop and catcher Adam Donachie made a great tag to get the out on Valencia to end the inning.  In the 9th inning with 2 on including a runner at third base with only 1 out Gabino faced Rochester shortstop Matt Tolbert.  Tolbert hit a sharp ground ball to first baseman Brandon Snyder who threw to shortstop Robert Andino to get the runner at second who threw back to Snyder to just get the very fast Tolbert at first for the 3-6-3 double play and the win.

Armando Gabino gets Dustin Martin to ground out

Rochester had 1 run on 11 hits with no errors and 10 men left on base.  They had their leadoff batter reach base in 7 of 9 innings but between stand up pitching by Tillman and Gabino as well as the defense could do no more against a Tides team that scored 2 runs on 7 hits and no errors and left 6 men on base. Chris Tillman (5-4 3.24) got the win and Gabino (2-0 S1 1.50) got the save.  The loss went to Rochester starter Deolis Guerra (0-2 5.29).  The teams will wrap up their series with an afternoon game on Wednesday at Harbor Park with Jake Arietta (4-2 1.93) on the mound for the Tides facing Anthony Swarzak (0-1 7.00).


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Remembering Jose Lima 1972-2010

Jose Lima died today of what appeared to be a massive heart attack at the age of 37. He was an all-star pitcher for the Astros in 1999 and had a zest and love for life. I met him when he was with the AAA Norfolk Tides in 2006 where he won 7 and lost 8 and had a 3.92 ERA.  He was a man that you could tell loved life. In fact Lima who was had signed with the Mets organization was one of those players that made people feel good.  He was not a whiner or complainer but even at the tail end of his Major League career still gave 100% and kept an upbeat attitude on how baseball and life were treating him.  I remember opening day for the Tides that year, the weather was actually nice for April in Hampton Roads and Jose sang God Bless America that opening day at the 7th inning stretch after starting the game but getting knocked out. It was moving, a man from the Dominican Republic who loved this country enough to sing that song with a great amount of reverence, respect and dare I say emotion.  I was touched by that and since I had remembered Lima from the 1999 All-Star game and various Major League appearances, of course all on television hoped that he would make it back to the show to stay.  The Mets did call him up for a few appearances that year but each time he returned to the Tides and finished his season with us.  I spoke with him on the concourse a couple of times and he was always gracious. I never asked for an autograph although I read that he never refused to give one and from what I read about him, especially his work with children, especially those from disadvantaged families in his new baseball academy I know what made him click.  It was not an individualistic love for life but it was life lived in community with his teammates, family friends and later with the Los Angeles Dodgers alumni association.  In the days before his untimely death he was attending the Angels and Dodgers interleague series with his son.  He performed with his band and was involved in his community.  While he did not have a record that will get him to the Hall of Fame he is one of those personalities that made an enjoyable game even more enjoyable because his love for baseball and his love for life.

I am not going to take the time to repeat all the details of his career as them are already published but today wanted to remember Jose Lima from the point of view of a minor league fan. A lot of people will miss Jose Lima a lot, especially his young son. Keep his family in your prayers as well as those who knew and loved him

I do pray that he will rest in peace and that God will grant his family and friends the comfort of the Holy Spirit over the coming days and weeks as they grieve his loss.


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Wings Fly over Tides 9-2 Patton Hammered

Troy Patton was roughed up by the Red Wings on Saturday Night

If you have ever had one of those days that you wish you could do all over again and I know that I have, you may understand what Norfolk Tides pitcher Troy Patton went through on a warm and breezy Saturday night down and the Cathedral on the bank of the Elizabeth River’s East Fork in front of 7592 fans on military appreciation night. Patton had one of those days that many pitchers occasionally have where he was simply hittable.  From my vantage point behind home plate it seemed that his pitches were not moving and the Rochester Red Wings who stocked their batting order with right handed batters did not let up on the young lefty.

Singles in the 2nd inning. He would score from 3rd on an Adam Donachie single

Troy got through the 1st and 2nd innings without surrendering a run but making a lot of pitches will allowing two singles.  The Tides then got him a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the 2nd when Adam Donachie singled to score Josh Bell from third. The Tides had 3 hits in the inning and it looked like things might be on track for a fourth straight win at home.

Andy Mitchell gave up no earned runs in 3.2 innings pitched

However in the 3rd inning Patton began to run into trouble.  Toby Gardenhire doubled the first pitch down the left field line to start the inning. Patton was able to get the next two batters out but Gardenhire scored on a ground out by Matt Tolbert.  Brian Dinkleman doubled to right and scored on a single by Danny Valencia but Valencia was thrown out at second by Adam Donachie when he tried to take second on the throw to home to end the inning.  Patton gave up another double with two outs in the top of the fourth inning to Wilson Ramos but no damage was done as Patton got Brock Peterson to pop out to shortstop Robert Andino to ending the inning and the threat.

Josh Bell slides into second

The Tides went quietly in the bottom of the fourth and Joey Gathright replaced Michael Aubrey as the designated hitter. It was in the top of the 5th that Troy Patton’s night became one that he would rather forget as the Wings turned the left field line into a shooting gallery.  Toby Gardenhire led off with a single but was thrown out by Nolan Reimold and that would be the last out that Patton would see.  Jason Repko and Matt Tolbert had back to back doubles both down the line in left with Tolbert’s scoring Repko. After an extended visit to the mound by pitching coach Mike Griffin Patton went back to work as did the Wings.  Brian Dinkleman singled on a line drive down the left field line to score Tolbert and he was followed by Danny Valencia who did the same sending Dinkleman to second.  Matt Macri doubled down the line to left scoring Dinkleman.  Dustin Martin then singled down the left field line to score Valencia. This was enough for Gary Allenson who sent a disappointed and obviously frustrated Patton to the dugout.  Into the carnage Allenson brought right handed submariner Andy Mitchell. Mitchell who until this year had been a starter and shuttled from the roster to the taxi squad and back a couple of times this year while maintaining his poise and composure adjusting to the changes with grace did not disappoint tonight.  With two on and only one out Andy got Wilson Ramos to fly out to right but allowed a single down the left field line to Brock Peterson scoring Matt Macri for the final run charged to Patton’s account.  Andy then retired Toby Gardenhire who had began the inning on a ground ball to first that Brandon Snyder made a great play to get the ball and toss it to Mitchell to end the inning. The Tides mustered nothing in the bottom frame going down one two three.

The Red Wings would pick up an unearned run in the top of the 6th inning but Jeff Salazar led off the bottom frame with a solo home run.  Josh Bell hit a two out double but was stranded at second when Nolan Reimold struck out swinging.  Andy Mitchell sent the Wings down in order in the 7th and allowed a single in the 8th pitching three and two thirds inning without an earned run.  In the bottom half of the 8th inning Jeff Salazar and Robert Andino singled and Rhyne Hughes walked to load the bases with one out. Josh Bell batting right handed struck out and then Nolan Reimold did the same to end the Tides best chance at a multi run inning.

Pedro Viola came into the game in the 9th inning for the Tides in relief of Mitchell and had his best outing of the year since arriving in Norfolk.  After walking the first batter he retired the next three batters in order to close out the top of the 9th.  In the bottom frame the Tides went down in order to end the game but knowing that tomorrow is another day and a chance to get back in the winning side of life.

The Red Wings had 9 runs on 17 hits with one error and left 9 men on base.  The Tides two runs on 8 hits and one error and left 6 runners on base.  Troy Patton (2-6 6.56) got the loss giving up 8 runs on 13 hits in 4.1 innings.  Andy Mitchell had no earned runs in 3.2 innings giving up 4 hits.  Rochester starter Matt Fox (4-2 2.82) got the win giving up 2 runs, only one earned on 5 hits in 6 innings.

In Washington the Orioles lost to the Nationals in their second of three interleague games with the Nats. Tomorrow is the rubber game in the series.

Sunday afternoon the Tides and Red Wings play again at Harbor Park with Jeff Manship (2-2 3.93) taking the hill for Rochester and Brandon Erbe (0-7 6.07) going for his first win of the season.


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Tides Win in Walk Off take Three of Four from the Pawsox

Chris George came off the DL to pitch 6 strong innings against the Pawtucket Red Sox

The Norfolk Tides continue their climb back into competition in the International League South division at the expense of the Pawtucket Red Sox or as they either affectionately or derisively known as the Pawsox. On Friday night there was no blow out like Thursday but instead a nail biting walk off as the Tides defeated the Pawsox for the third straight time in their four game set in from of 6957 fans on a very comfortable night for baseball with temperatures in the 70s and 10 mile an hour win coming in from center.

Brandon Snyder Doubles to Score Josh Bell in the 6th Inning

The Tides started Chris George just coming off the 7 day DL and initially things did not look good for Chris. After getting the first two batters out George gave up three consecutive extra base hits.  Jorge Jimenez doubled to right and scored when Aaron Bates tripled to right.  Bates was doubled home by Dusty Brown who picked up his 9th double of the season.

Michel Hernandez Singles in the bottom of the 9th

Pawtucket kept the lead at 2-0 until the bottom of the third inning when the Tides got their first run. Jeff Salazar doubled and then advanced to third when Adam Mills made a wild pitch.  Andino stuck out but Rhyne Hughes hit a sacrifice grounder to score Salazar.  In the 4th inning with 2 outs and Nolan Reimold at second base Joey Gathright reach frst on a throwing error by Ryan Khoury. Reimold running with two outs attempted to score but was thrown out at the plate by Jorge Jimenez.

Frank Mata fans Lars Anderson for the second out in the top of the 9th

George put down the Pawsox in order in the 4th, 5th and 6th innings to keep the Tides down by only one and in the bottom of the 6th the Tides got their second run.  Josh Bell doubled to lead off the 6th and then Nolan Reimold flied out to center. With one out and Bell at second Brandon Snyder doubled to left to score Bell and tie the game.

Jeff Salazar Singles to advance pinch runner Paco Figueroa

Armando Gabino came in to relieve George in the top of the 7th and got into a bit of trouble. He hit Dusty Brown with a pitch and then struck out Lars “Why didn’t I make the Norwegian Biathlon team” Anderson before getting behind Tug Hulett 3-0 and then giving up a double to Hulett on a 3-1 count placing Brown on third and Hulett at second with one out. The Tides had Gabino intentionally walk Bubba Bell to load the bases.  At this point it looked like the game was in a precarious state and the members of the Red Sox Nation in attendance began to get noisy, rude and obnoxious. I’m sorry having seen fans of about every Major League team either in Major League parks or their minor league farm teams the travelling members of the Red Sox Nation are the most crude, rude and obnoxious that I have ever come across.  Now this is not an indictment of every Red Sox fans I know plenty of friends that are perfect gentleman and ladies but as a whole when the Red Sox nation travels they are the worst. Even Elliott the Usher a Red Sox fan himself from Massachusetts says that he and the other ushers agree that they are the most ill-behaved fans in baseball.  But I digress….With the bases now loaded Mike Griffin paid a strategy visit to the mount.  Gabino worked into a 2-2 count on Ryan Khoury before getting him to pop up to end the inning.

Game winner. Robert Andino blasts a single past the head of Chad Peranto

With the obnoxious Red Sox nation fans getting louder and more obnoxious by the moment, especially the one behind me and to my right in row “C” who apparently was trying to ensure that his four year old son learns how to be rude and obnoxious early in life closer Frank Mata came into the game in the 9th inning.  Mata got Dusty Brown to pop up to catcher Michel Hernandez in foul territory behind the plate and struck out Lars Anderson.  Tug Hulett then singled to right and Bubba Bell walked on 4 pitches. This brought up Ryan Khoury who Mata got to pop out to second baseman Robert Andino to end the Pawsox frame of the 9th inning.

The Tides came to the plate in the bottom of the 9th to face reliever Chad Peranto. At this point I had reached my limit with the Red Sox Nation numbskull behind me and began to shoot back at him.  Blake Davis flied out to deep left to begin the inning and Michel Hernandez singled.  Hernandez was pulled for a pinch runner in the form of newly called up Paco Figueroa. Joey Gathright popped up for the second out bringing up Jeff Salazar who singled off of Peranto sending Figueroa to second.  Now with two on and two out Robert Andino came to the plate. Andino who had a home run in Thursday night’s game hit a laser almost taking Peranto’s head off to center field for a single and Paco Figueroa hustling in from second scored to end the game and silence the Red Sox Nation.

The Tides had 3 runs on 9 hits with no errors and left 9 runners on base.  The Pawsox had 2 runs on 6 hits and one error and left 7 men on base.  Frank Mata (2-1 S8 1.86) got the win and Chad Peranto (1-2 4.63) got the loss. With the win the Tides move into second place in the International League South 4.5 games back of the Durham Bulls.  Tonight the Tides will face the Rochester Red Wings who are the AAA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.  Troy Patton (2-5 5.53) will get the start for the Tides and will face Rochester’s Matt Fox (3-2 3.06).

See you at Harbor Park where it is Military Appreciation night with special discounted tickets $6.50 for a reserved seat to active duty, reserve and retired military members. There will be a pre-game ceremony to honor the armed forces and post game fireworks.

Blessings and Peace

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Moves and Rumors of Moves…Well Not the Rumors Part…Orioles and Tides Make Some Moves

Scott Moore was called up to Baltimore on Friday

The player personnel departments of the Baltimore Orioles and their farm system have been busy in the past two days.  With the worst record in baseball the Orioles are searching for answers to their woes in the hitting department and in their bullpen.  On Thursday they optioned relief pitcher Alberto Castillo to the Norfolk Tides.  Today they called up infielder Scott Moore who has been hitting very well lately including two home runs on Wednesday and a three RBI night Thursday from the Tides to join the team in Washington to play the Nationals.

Also on Friday the Tides brought Left Hand Pitcher Chris George off the 7 day disabled list and Chris will pitch tonight against the Pawtucket Red Sox.  Infielder Justin Turner who has been cold at the bat this season and was on the Orioles 40 man roster was designated for assignment which means that he was removed from the 40 man roster which means that the Tides have 10 days to from the date of designation to return the Justin to the 40-man roster or to trade, release, or outright the player to Minors. As a note a player may only be designated for assignment if the 40-man roster is full and a player needs to be added which in this case is Scott Moore.

Also at Norfolk Paco Figueroa was called up from the Aberdeen Ironbirds.  Figueroa an infielder had a .306 average at AA Bowie before being called up.

It will be interesting since we are coming to the end of May just what other moves might be made. If I was a betting man I would look for more in Baltimore that will affect the Tides.


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Moore, Snyder and Andino Light Up Pawsox Pitchers while Jake Arietta Dominates, Tides Win 8-1 at Harbor Park

Brandon Snyder rips a bases load double in the 5th inning for his 3 RBIs

The Norfolk Tides are beginning to play team that I predicted at the beginning of the season. The hitting after some very dismal performances of latest has began to come around in the past two games where after a dismal 9 game stretch where they only scored 21 games with only two home runs have scored have scored 13 runs in the past two games and hit four home runs.  Likewise Chris Tillman and Jake Arietta (4-2 1.93) simply dominated the Pawsox hitters pitching a combined 14 innings allowing no runs and 7 hits. Arietta who had struggled with control his last couple of outings struck out 10 Pawsox hitters and walked only two allowing only four hits.  The one-two punch of Tillman and Arietta is beginning to mature and these two young pitchers have a great chance to do some great things when they eventually enter the Orioles’ starting rotation.

On Thursday night in even more ideal conditions than Wednesday the teams met for the third time. The temperature at game time was 80 degrees with winds 8 miles an hour blowing from right to left. There were two stories on Thursday night the biggest being the domination of the Pawsox by Jake Arietta.  However Jake would not have won had Tides hitters not fulfilled their part of the bargain which they did tonight.  It was the bottom of the 3rd inning when Michel Hernandez doubled to lead off the inning.  Joey Gathright bunted to advance Hernandez to third with one out.  Jeff Salazar then grounded out to second allowing Hernandez to score.  With two outs and no one on base Robert Andino on a one ball two strike count hit a deep drive to left field which bounced off the wall and the throw from left was so good that Andino appeared to have been held to a long single.  However the umpires had a brief conference at the behest of Gary Allenson and ruled that the ball had bounced on or above the white line at the top of the wall for a home run.  The inning ended with a 2-0 Tides lead.

Robert Andino Homers in the Third inning

The Pawsox then made things interesting in the top of the 4th with a walk, single and a throwing error to load the bases with two outs but Arietta got Tug Hulett to ground out softly to Scott Moore at second base to end the inning and the threat.  The Tides came out in the 5th inning with bats blazing.  Michel Hernandez singled sharply to center and was followed by Joey Gathright who ran out a bunt to second. Jeff Salazar came up and beat out a ground ball to second to load the bases with no outs.  Robert Andino struck out and was followed by Scott Moore who singled sharply to right scoring both Hernandez and Gathright.  Josh Bell grounded out to move Salazar to third and Moore to second.  Brandon Snyder came to the plate and on a 3 and 1 count smashed a double to the right center gap which reached the wall driving in all three Tides base runners to give the Tides a seven to nothing lead.

Arietta continued to dominate and struck out the side in the 7th on 11 pitches.  In the bottom of the 7th inning the Tides scored again as Robert Andino singled to lead off the inning and Scott Moore doubled to right to score Andino.  Ross Wolf came into the game in the 8th and pitched a scoreless inning despite surrendering a walk to Aaron Bates.  In the 9th Kam Mickolio came into the game and was tagged by Lars Anderson for a home run to right to lead off the inning.  He then stuck out Tug Hulett but gave up consecutive singles to Bubba Bell and Ryan Khoury.  Pitching Coach Mike Griffin then went to the mound to chat with the big right hander who was throwing in the mid to high 90s.  Mickolio responded by striking out Josh Reddick and then getting Niuman Romero to pop up softly to Robert Andino to end the game.

Jake Arietta struck out 10 on his way to his 4th victory

The Tides had 8 runs on 11 hits with one error and left 4 men on base.  The Red Sox had 1 run on 7 hits and no errors while stranding 10 runners.  Jake Arietta got the win allowing no runs on 4 hits striking out 10 and walking just two in 7 innings work.  Pawsox started Fabio Castro got the loss going 4 and two thirds innings giving up 6 runs on 8 hits striking out 3 and walking one batter.

Thursday was a boon for Tides hitters especially Scott Moore and Brandon Snyder who each drove in three runs.  Andino had the one home run for the Tides while Hernandez, Snyder and Moore each had two-baggers.  4205 fans saw the game which lasted two hours and forty-four minutes.

The teams will play the final game of this series tonight at Harbor Park  with Adam Mills (1-3 4.25) pitching for Pawtucket and Chris George (1-1 4.50) coming off the 7 day FL taking the hill for the Tides.

See you there.


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