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It may be Winter but Scent of Baseball is in the Air and Friends are taking the Field

We are under a winter storm warning here in Coastal Carolina. The winter has been pretty weird a few weeks back we had 5-7 inches of snow on Emerald Isle and the area around Camp LeJeune might get another 2-4 inches tomorrow if the storm tracks quickly as predicted. However the last one was supposed to do that but got hung up and dumped a lot more snow than expected. Back in December we received 14 inches in Virginia Beach when only 2-4 were predicted. I hope the weather guessers are right.

Despite the wintery weather that has plagued our usually more temperate climate baseball is coming and with it spring.  On Sunday the first players will report to Spring Training.  I know a good number of players now due to my association with the Norfolk Tides and the Baltimore Orioles. Some have made the Majors; some are on the cusp and some hoping for another chance. I hope that for all of them they have a great season free of injury and full of success.

I know a couple of players who have ended up in Japan for the coming season and some that are no longer in the Orioles system having been traded or signed elsewhere following becoming free agents. The life of the players on the cusp of the Major Leagues can be somewhat unsettled. Many are journeymen and have spent years working hard to make it. Some will but many won’t and some of those that do will not stay in the Majors a full career.  Many are used in trades to sweeten deals for bigger name players. Their families may be able to come with them but sometimes because of low pay and the uncertainty of the assignment the families remain in their home towns or where they went to college.  It’s a difficult life.

Yet these men will take to the fields in Arizona and Florida in the coming days. In two weeks the first Spring Training games will begin and thousands of players, some young right out of high school, some just out of college and some who have played professional ball for years will start a new season.  So to my friends, Andy, Jim, Kam, David, Chris and Chris, Tim, Zach and Zach, Paco, Adam, Dennis, Brandon, Bob, Jeff, Joey, Jonny, David, Pat and Troy have a great season. I wish my best to all of you and your families. Unfortunately due to my current assignment I can’t be in my seat in section 102 at the Church of Baseball, Harbor Park Parish but I will follow your season the best that I can and whenever possible mention you on this site.

To my readers who have started reading this site after the World Series expect to see a lot about baseball and life in the coming months. Baseball is back and I am a member of the Church of Baseball.  Next week I’ll start looking at the off-season and how the Orioles did in it and how it will impact the Norfolk Tides.


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