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The Uneasy Alliance: The Army and Government during the German Revolution and Civil War 1919-1922

Thinking of the relationship of the Egyptian Army to its government I am always brought back to the influence of the German General Staff and the Reichswehr to the Weimar government in the days following the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the early days of the Weimar Republic. The relationship is somewhat similar. At least interesting to think about. Peace, Padre Steve+

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bundesarchiv_bild_146-1970-051-65_kapp-putsch_berlinThe Kapp Putsch

The German Revolution of 1919 and civil war is important for those who study highly developed states when they enter a period of social and political upheaval. Often such upheavals occur following military defeats or economic crisis that cause the society to question or even overthrow the established order.  The end of Imperial Germany and the establishment of the Weimar Republic on November 9th 1918 is a prime example.  Following the declaration of the Republic the Majority Socialists who had assumed power had no military force of any caliber to support it. The Army had melted away following the end of the war and the units which remained were unreliable and heavily infiltrated by Soviet style “workers and soldiers councils.”

Chaos ruled the streets, Communists and Independent Socialists of The situation being chaotic the Majority Socialists under the leadership of Friedrich Ebert joined forces with…

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