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Adjusting Strategy to Reality: The Pacific War- Why the Japanese Lost

Synchronizing national military strategy and the national,security policy of the nation are important. Nothing new today, just doing a lot of reading and stidy at the Joint Forces Staff College dealing with such policy issues. so tonight just a re-post of an older article that demonstrates this. The next time someone asked you “why don’t we bomb” whatever country into submission remember this lesson to be learned for the Japanese in the Second World War.
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Lead aircraft ready to take off of IJN Carrier Akagi to attack Pearl Harbor beginning a 6 month chain of Japanese victories in the Pacific

The outcome of the Pacific war was directly related to the ability of the Americans to adjust strategy to the realities of the Pacific war, a unity of effort directed by the National Command Authority and superior industrial, technological and logistical capabilities. The Japanese after initial success did little to adapt and were hamstrung by inter-service rivalries and inadequate industrial capacity and limited natural resources.

US Destroyer USS Pope being blasted out of the water by Japanese Cruisers at the Battle of Java Sea

The Japanese and the Americans each had war plans in place for the Pacific campaign.  The American plans, Plan Orange had been developed since the early part of the 20th Century after the Spanish-American War and Russo-Japanese War.  Predicated on…

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