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Never Forget, They are Not Just Names… Reflections on War, Loss and Change: Iraq, Afghanistan and Deep Space Nine

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,
I didn’t sleep well last night and today I have been doing some more reading, research and writing on Gettysburg. That being said part of why I have not been sleeping well is related to PTSD and Iraq, the nightmare that keeps on giving. This is an article that I wrote about a year ago. Those that know me that in addition to baseball that God also speaks to me through Star Trek in its various forms. The upcoming weekend will be Memorial Day and I am always a bit melancholily over that weekend. That being said I find a lot of connections between Star Trek and life in the real world. Despite the fact that I wrote this a year ago it seems for me that little has changed. More people die, often far to young in wars that were or are of little benefit to our national security. The fact is that all of those that have died in the wars we have waged since 2001 are not just numbers, or not just names. They are real people with families, friends and colleagues that both cared about them, loved them and valued them. That even applies to the people that we have been fighting. So, since I am tired I wish you a good night.
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KIRA: Sir, the latest casualty reports have just been posted.
SISKO: How many this time?
KIRA: Including the troops lost at AR five five eight, seventeen hundred and thirty.
SISKO: Seventeen hundred thirty.
KIRA: That’s a lot of names.
SISKO: They’re not just names. It’s important we remember that. We have to remember.

I have had trouble sleeping the past couple of weeks and I think that late last night or early this morning I figured it out.

I am remembering.

It was about this time of year six years ago I was getting ready to celebrate my 24th wedding anniversary with Judy knowing that about a week and a half later I would be leaving for Iraq for duty in Al Anbar Province with our advisors and wondering, if at the height of the war I would come back.

Of course I did come back and the following year…

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