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Iraq and the Middle East 2013: Lessons from T. E. Lawrence

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,
Today has been a day of travel to Washington DC where tomorrow I will be delivering the invocation at and participating in a panel discussion at the Military Officer’s Association of America “Warrior Family Symposium.” Since so much of why I am here is due to my time in Iraq and its after effects, and since we are faced with another difficult choice of what to do in that country, as well as Syria, to deal with the very real threat of the Islamic State, or ISIS, I thought a short reminder of how we got to this point would be in order, and no it is not all Obama’s fault.
I have a lot of personal investment in Iraq and the Middle East, as well as investment in the lives of those who served there.
Unlike your typical pundit, preacher or politician, this actually matters to me.
This is a post from January 2013, but it is still relevant.
So have a great night,
Padre Steve+

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The Author with Advisors and Bedouin on the Iraqi Syrian Border

I left Iraq just under five years ago and in the process left part of me in that long suffering country.  I have written much about my experience there and how even today I have a deep regard for the Iraqi people and their hopes for a better future.

In 2003 the United States invaded Iraq and made short work of that country’s military. Many, if not most Iraqis of all creeds looked upon the US and coalition forces as liberators but within a few months the illusion was over. The US military personnel and leaders who were working with Iraqi officials, both military and civilian to get the country back on its feet were replaced by the Bush administration.


False Hopes in 2003, believing that US Forces were Liberators 

In their place a new entity, the Coalition Provisional…

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