Reembracing the New Birth of Freedom

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It has been a long day and I do have some new articles in the hopper. As I mentioned last night one is on hold and as soon as I feel comfortable in publishing it I will. Likewise I am almost ready to publish a new chapter of my Gettysburg text about the complex character of General Gouverneur Warren and why he and people like him matter. I have some other articles coming as well, some dealing as almost always with Gettysburg, others about civil and religious liberties issues and others about foreign policy, PTSD and other issues that matter to me.
So anyway, this is a repost of an article that I published in August dealing with the Gettysburg address which was coincidentally delivered by Abraham Lincoln on November 19th 1863. I was at Gettysburg under three weeks ago and I am already planning the Staff Ride for our winter class at the Staff College. As that time nears you will see more new or revised articles about the battle and the people who were so instrumental in securing the New Birth of Freedom for Americans that so many on the political right seem eager to crush. Yes, history matters, especially when there are people with tremendous political influence that desire to create an oligarchy that supports their discriminatory practices and gives them all the benefits while working overtime to deny the privileges and liberties that they benefit from to those that they despise.
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gburg address

I am always humbled when I travel to Gettysburg as I did a week and a half ago. It is hard to believe in that now peaceful pastoral setting that over 157,000 Americans, almost 82,000 Union and 75,000 Confederate met in a three day battle. In those three days over 28,000 Confederates and 23,000 Union soldiers were killed, wounded, missing or captured. It was the greatest number of casualties inflicted in one battle on American soil in history.

The places that the battle was fought have become legendary, for they are “hallowed ground” as President Abraham Lincoln so eloquently put it. The places, McPherson’s and Herr’s Ridge, Seminary Ridge, the Railroad Cut, Barlow’s Knoll, Cemetery Hill, Culp’s Hill, The Wheat Field, Devil’s Den, the Peach Orchard, Little Round Top, Cemetery Ridge, the Apse of Trees, the Angle and the High Water Mark are in a sense holy, or hallowed, consecrated…

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