UPDATE: It Depends on What Your Definition of “Christian” Is…

Friends of Padre Steve’s World
I wrote about a situation that I encountered a few days ago and felt that I needed to update you with what I could say. Likewise I did some pretty major editing to the article, which I wrote when I was very tired and in a lot of pain from the PTSD nightmare accident that I had on Monday. I was surprised just how badly written it was and because it is something that others may come across in the future I want it to be more articulate and thus enhance its credibility.
Have a great day. Expect the Gettysburg article about the troubled life and career of Gouverneur Warren tomorrow.
Peace and blessings
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This article was updated Sunday 23 November to clear up some grammar issues, and in doing so I have provided some updates to let you know what is currently happening, and to better enhance my arguments.

My friends, last week I had something occur that was so troublesome that I had to report it to certain Federal law enforcement authorities as well as a nationally known advocate for religious liberty issues.

Since the Feds are still doing their investigation I have to wait to post the article. I spoke with and I am in contact with the head of that group. Like me he is waiting to see what the investigators report. As things stand right now I expect that it may be sometime in December before I can publish in any detail what happened.

Conceivably this could end up getting some media attention because it involves a military member…

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