I Guess I am Not a Christian

i think that I am a Christian. I have been baptized, made my profession of faith, been confirmed, married in the church and been ordained as a Deacon and Priest, but I guess to some that isn’t enough. Of course I am talking about the Christian Taliban of the Christian Right, people whose theological knowledge and expression is about as articulate as a hamster on steroids, and who think that only they have the keys to the kingdom of God. 

I have consumed a fair amount of excellent craft beer tonight but even so, my understanding of faith, the  Christian Faith and theology is better than idiots that I encounter. I had it happen again tonight and of course it was some ignorant fundamentalist from Texas who decided that I was not a Christian. 

Frankly I have had it. The ignorance of the supposedly Christian Right, which sadly I have to say I once considered myself to be a part,  has so poisoned discourse in this country that it is embarrassing. If such is the Christian Faith I would rather be be condemned to Hell than to be considered a Christian by their standards. 

As Pedro Cerano (Denis Haysburt) said in the movie Major League “fuck you Jobu, I do it without you.”

Of course I am not talking about Jesus, who I like very much, but who is no help with curveball, but rather the ignorant fundamentalist who sit as prosecuting attorney, jury and judge over those who they hate. Yes I said hate, because that is the only explanation for such behavior. If that means that I am not a Christian, then so be it. 

Pray for me a sinner.


Padre Steve+ 



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12 responses to “I Guess I am Not a Christian

  1. Arthur Bundick

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  2. Bill Ramsey

    Padre Steve. There’s no doubt that you’re a Christian, one who rightly emulates the love and acceptance of our Lord Jesus Christ, and follows the “great commandment!” Keep the faith! Bill

    • padresteve

      Thanks Bill, just get so tired of the ignorance blinded by hatred that characterizes the statements of so many who call themselves Christians.

  3. Turn that frown upside down Padre. You had an excellent craft beer last night. Even if the company was bad, all is well with the world.

    Remember everything is bigger in Texas. Well except one thing anyway. I will let you decide on what that is. Ha ha.

  4. Marty

    Texas–if I didn’t know there were still some good people there, I’d say e should give it back to Mexico. (Weren’t the original Anglo settlers actually “illegal aliens” by Mexican law? The slaves they brought with them were definitely illegal in Mexico.) You seem more like a true follower of Christ than many of those Religion Nazis do. I can’t believe He would be proud of people who are known by their hatred.

    • padresteve

      Terribly sad when you actually read and know history. Funny, the Texans who voted to secede put Sam Houston out of office because he did not agree with them.

  5. I know. I feel the same way.

  6. Marty

    Been reading some of your older posts that mentioned Martin Luther. A lot of people told him he wasn’t a real Christian and look what happened after he started speaking out. I bet he’d be cheering you on if he were here. BTW a site called Internet Monk had an interesting post about tithing recently, I thought of it while reading your posts.

  7. Tom Johnson

    I love all your stuff Steve.  Keep it up.  I gave up being called a Christian long ago because of all the judgmental assholes I encountered.  Find myself most comfortable in a UU community now, but my real comfort is just studying spiritual material by myself.  Hope you find peace.  tj 

    • padresteve

      Thank you Tom, funny how the spiritual journey goes. I love my small church community, but I get so frustrated with all the BS being put out by so many that call themselves Christians. Blessings my friend,


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