The Dangers of the Reductionist Religion of Fundamentalism

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It has been a long day, going in to work, then finding out that Judy will not be released from hospital until tomorrow. So after I found that out I went an got groceries for her return, took care and played with our two Papillons and continuing to get the house ready for Judy’s return home. After that, after letting folks know what was up with Judy I went over to our favorite haunt, had some dinner and bier, before coming home to our puppies and to watching one of my favorite movies, Inglourious Basterds. So anyway, until tomorrow. Have a great night.


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My friends, today will be a busy day so I wanted to share a few thoughts about religious fundamentalism in it’s various forms. Now I want to say up front this is not an attack on God or people that believe it God, or in what God they choose to believe in for either their eternal salvation or just getting through life. Instead it is some observations about fundamentalist, or absolutist belief systems that allow no room for doubt or that any other view of God might have some measure of truth and how some groups use political, police and military power, even terror to impose those views on others.

It occurred to me a few years back that many Christians, among them Evangelicals, certain Reformed types, Fundamentalists, and even some conservative Roman Catholics practice a reductionist form of the Christian faith. It is a form that woefully short changes…

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