Me, Izzy, and an Operation Pause 

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Time for a bit of a break. I intentionally made no serious post yesterday because I have been working very hard on my latest Gettysburg text revision. That chapter revision, which would be better called a complete re-write which included about sixty pages of new material has consumed me for the past few weeks. You have already read some of that material in the posts about Dan Sickles who plays a prominent role on July 2nd 1863 during the Battle of Gettysburg. 

I have been so consumed with that work that even though there has been much to write about in the news, including the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonine Scalia, the end of the Oregon militia stand-off, as well as other subjects that I have basically ignored those stories. To be sure I have stayed up to date on them but I had to get this chapter revision done. I am glad to say that for the first time in two weeks I have not brought home a backpack full of research materials and readings to write about things that I ran out of time to write at at work. 

By the way, today is the first anniversary of us getting our youngest Papillon baby, Izzy Bella. She is the cute one hogging th photo. 

Anyway, expect my regular postings to begin again tomorrow. 

Have a great Thursday.


Padre Steve+


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