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Friday Thoughts


Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I have a few loose thoughts today and am kind of taking a break to again read and ponder different subjects, but first I want to thank those folks who took the time to send warm wishes, thoughts and prayers our way following my wife’s procedure to get some Kidney Stones blasted to smithereens. She is recovering well.

I was really happy to hear that Harriet Tubman, the great former slave and heroine of the Underground Railroad will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. I think it is long overdue, Tubman was a hero who put her life on the line time after time to help slaves escape before and during the war. She helped lead the Combanhee River Riad in June of 1863 which freed over 750 raids. Of course the announcement was cricized by the retired neurosurgeon and failed presidential candidate Ben Carson. 

I was absolutely shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of the iconic and brilliant musician Prince yesterday. He was an amazing musician, incredible performer, and so versatile. While his music will remain a part of our lives and culture, he died far too young at the age of 57.

I was sad to see that Chicago Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward had to deal with racist taunts on his first trip back to St. Louis on Monday. I hoped that we had gotten past that kind of idiocy and hatred, but maybe not. Some things seem to never change, Jackie Robison got the same treatment in St. Louis when he broke the color barrier.

Speaking of the Cubs, Jake Arrieta pitched the second no-hitter of his career last night, defeating the Cincinnati Reds. Having watched and gotten to know Jake at the Orioles Triple A affiliate, the Norfolk Tides, I am always happy to hear of his success. 

Since I have been doing a lot of reading lately, I want to remind folks of the great Barbara Tuchman’s comment about the importance of books. She said, “Books are … companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of mind. Books are humanity in print.”

With that I shall wish you a wonderful weekend because I do plan on having one.


Padre Steve+

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