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Coffee, Eminent Domain & Remembering Molly


Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today was kind of a sad day as I got my last cup of coffee at the 7-11 store that I visit most mornings on my way to work, and it is the anniversary of us losing our wonderful Papillon-Dachshund mix Molly a year ago. Molly was a great dog, a dog who helped me through the some of my worst times after Iraq, and whenever Judy was sick became “Nurse Molly.” We both miss that girl. Thankfully we have Minnie and Izzy, and Izzy especially is beginning to fill in the role of comforter that Molly filled so well.

I am kind of a “blue collar” guy when it comes to morning coffee, not a real big fan of the fancy coffee shops. I like the mixture of working class people who are the clientele more than I do fancy places. Likewise I just like a nice up of coffee with a little French Vanilla creamer and a packet of brown sugar, and a stick of string cheese as my breakfast, instead of some fancy beverage.

This store happens to be on my way to work, just before I get on the freeway. But, sadly, today was the last day for that. The store was a victim of a badly needed expansion of the road and freeway on and off ramps, but it is kind of sad as I have gotten to know the folks that work there as well as the regulars who like me make it their morning coffee stop, and as a creature of habit I hate change. The manager and his wife will go to another store, but not close to me. They are good people, and I will miss them.



Since the construction may make a mess of that route, I may have to find an alternate anyway, but as for now I have to figure it out, but in the meantime I will take some time with Judy this afternoon, and remember Molly while enjoying Minnie and Izzy.

Have a great day,


Padre Steve+

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