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What’s On Deck this Week

 Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I have been working on a number of articles that will be published here this week. I have one coming up on some of the very troubling episodes of xenophobia that have occured in England and Wales in the wake of the Brexit vote, incidents that are similar to some that have occured in the United States and other nations over the past several months. Of course I have a number that are continued work on my Civil War and Gettysburg texts. As I mentioned I am going to have to split the first two chapters, which alone account for over 350 pages of the nearly 1100 page text into their own book or books. The trouble when you go back through work on history or political and military theory to clarify and amplify what you are saying is that it often results in more text. At least as I do this the bumpy places in the text are coming together in a much more smooth and readable form. Of course the subjects that I write about in it are just as pertinent today as they were in the ante-bellum era, The Civil War, Reconstruction, as well as the post-Reconstruction and White supremacist Jim Crow era.

Over the weekend I will be writing about the Declaration of Independence, and the most important proposition in it, the proposition that all men are created equal.

So anyway, with that said, have a great Tuesday.


Padre Steve+

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