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A Busy Hump Day Musings…

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today I am going to be teaching in my Ethics class at the Staff College and getting ready to take another group of students to Gettysburg this weekend. 

Over the past few days I have been working hard on the draft text that will become my second book, Mine Eyes have seen the Glory: Race, Religion, Ideology, and Politics in the Civil War Era. Likewise, I have been trying to take a rest from the barrage of political vitriol on the Internet and other media, except to take a few minutes to listen to my favorite living former President, a man who I never voted for, Bill Clinton as he shared about his relationship with Hillary. I enjoyed the speech. 

But part of why I have been trying to take a break from social media politics, is because over the past week I have managed to piss off friends and followers who are supporters of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders by making my opinions known. Truthfully, I value friendships more than having to have people agree with my political beliefs. The fact is that my views are almost certain to be in opposition to people on the extreme Right, or Left of the political spectrum. 

But that being said, while I respect my friends opinions and I try never to do things to drive wedges that would destroy relationships and never go to their social media sites to attack their candidates or positions, my opinions also matter. I also have the right to freedom of speech, the same right that I have defended for all citizens for over thirty years, but I digress… 

But anyway. I will be busy today, and because of that I am going to take it easy. I expect to write something about the Democratic National convention in the next couple of days, and I certainly post an article or two about Gettysburg and my coming trip there. 

So have a great day.


Padre Steve+

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