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Trials and Tribulations 


Our Neighborhood during the last Storm 

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

It has been an exhausting day. When we came back from Germany we found that our Ford Escape was so sodden from the last storm that while we were gone that the inside of the vehicle was still soaked and the seat and carpets were growing mold. Evidently we are not alone both our insurance company and the dealership where we bought the vehicle said that since the last storm which dumped 16 inches of rain in under three days has done the same to a lot of people’s vehicles. Our insurance company sent out an adjuster who totaled the vehicle. So the rest of the day was spent taking care of insurance, picking out a new vehicle and getting the financing all through my USAA app. The miracles of modern technology still astound me. I remember the first car I bought right after we got married in 1983 and how painful the process was, first the dealer, then the bank, oh my God, dealing with the scowling loan officer at the bank. I think that she enjoyed making us sweat, but I digress….

We also went out to look at the vehicle that we are purchasing, picked up our rental car, and I picked up a bunch of tools so I can start working on leveling ground and keep water out of the house during the next big storm which right now looks like it will stay away from us but unfortunately will impact a lot of friends in Florida. Georgia, and the Carolinas. Oh the perils of home ownership… but again I digress, it really sucks to be them right now and I do pray that Hurricane Michael weakens, turns away and just leaves them alone. I have been through enough hurricanes just to want it to go away.

Anyway. I think there was a Vice Presidential debate last night but I was too busy watching my Orioles die in the bottom of the 11th against Toronto in the American League Wild Card game, but there is always next year. I just hope that the Giants beat the Mets tonight but I am already too exhausted to watch.

So anyway, have a great night and stay safe. If you are in the Southeast and in the path of Michael my thoughts and prayers are with you as many of you will probably be dealing with what I have today and worse and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+

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