Guest Post: The Growing Emptiness of Service

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,
I don’t re-blog a lot of articles but this needs to be shared. I fully understand what this officer is saying.
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The Angry Staff Officer

By David Dixon

I began my commitment to the service of the United States in 1999, when I showed up at West Point as a fresh-faced new cadet, deeply conservative, religious, and full of a desire to be a patriot and to serve my country.  In the almost twenty years between then and now, much has changed.

I left my religion alongside the Tigris in the blood and sweat and shell casings of my first tour in Iraq.   My conservatism died more slowly and gradually in the face of life experience and widening my sources of information, but die it did.  What did not die was my desire to serve the country, even as I came to believe we’d made serious mistakes both overseas and at home.  That, perhaps alone among the defining values I came into service with, remained up to the present day and sustained my service…

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One response to “Guest Post: The Growing Emptiness of Service

  1. Bill McReynolds

    Whew…. powerful. Thanks for sharing that post with us, Padre. The military experience of that officer and his evolving perceptions of our country, hit very close to home.

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