Please Christmas Don’t be Late: Funny and Feel Good Christmas Songs

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I get sentimental when I hear Christmas songs of almost any genre. That sentimentality ranges from the hymns of the season such as Silent Night, The First Noel, or Joy to the World. Likewise I find the hymns of Advent like O Come, O Come Immanuel and Es ist Ein Ros Ensprungen (Lo, how a Rose e’re Blooming) to be songs of hope in dark times.

I have shared many of my Christmas favorites each year. This year I did my favorite Rock, R&B, and Classic Country and Western favorites. But tonight I am going to share some of my favorite non-religious and sometimes funny Christmas songs. I suppose this goes back to my earliest days when as a three to four year old living in the Philippines and my parents bought me David Seville and the Chipmunks Christmas Album, which included the song Christmas Don’t Be Late. 

That came to me tonight when Judy and I were talking about our Papillon dog Minnie, who I compared to Alvin. Judy knew about the Chipmunks but her parents had never let her watch them, so the whole concept of David Seville trying to get Alvin’s attention being like us an Minnie was lost on her.

So anyway, here are my favorite non-religious Christmas songs. Some are sentimental, some irreverent, but I love them all.

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3 responses to “Please Christmas Don’t be Late: Funny and Feel Good Christmas Songs

  1. Are you going to do a classical collection? I listen to our local public classical station & they play some of the finest holiday music. I especially love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (how I hated that when I was a kid!) & the carols recorded by the Canadian Brass. But there’s tons of stuff out there. I’m listening to something right now … a medley of carols with woodwinds. Really nice.

  2. Great list. Can’t go wrong with any Christmas song by Bing Crosby, Michael Buble, or any of the crooners from the past. When ever I hear the Christmas Song, I always think, “Poor Chet.”

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