While The West Coast Burns …

The West Coast of the United States is on fire.  Property is being devoured by the hungry flames, lives are being lost, people are being uprooted …

While The West Coast Burns …

One you need to read from Jill Dennison. My brother Jeff posted his experience in our hometown at is not under any fire threat at the moment, but how toxic the air was.


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12 responses to “While The West Coast Burns …


    Blaming Trump for a “Reveal Party” fireworks fire ? Blaming Trump for poor Forestry practices ( the real cause with the other blazes). TRUTH be known, it takes years to develop fire breaks, fire access trails, routine brush clearance, etc. California did nothing. And you don’t take into account utility transformers initiating fires, from a utility company coming out of bankruptcy. Or Mother Nature (Lightning). These are FIRE FACTS. The author doesn’t mention that more than a dozen States have sent firefighters and equipment to assist, per a national agreement. OMISSION. I blame the Tree Huggers. Californistan is a Liberal State with it’s priorities in an inverted roll. If you like Mother Nature, you invest in Mother Nature, Californistan has not.

    • padresteve

      Most of those lands are Federal lands and the Interior Department and Forestry Service had been wiped out for year. I reblogged this from another author. But you have revealed what you are. I don’t want to be rude but don’t come back. For decades the GOP congressional majority have defunded those agencies. This is also happening in Washington and Oregon, and there is very little that will stop fire storms of this magnitude. Maybe you should read about them, they aren’t the California wildfires that I grew up with, they are super fires of unprecedented magnitude. Goodbye

      • Your response is spot-on, Padre. Thank you.

      • padresteve

        I try Jill. Sometimes I get blog followers for whatever reason from who knows where, and after what I think is a good relationship find out what they are made of… it’s always hard.

      • I get them too … they are the ones who really, I think, just like argument for the sake of argument. The saddest thing is that I have found in the past few years that some of the people I have known most of my life and thought I knew, have turned out to be people I really didn’t know at all, people I cannot possibly respect.

      • padresteve

        That has happened to me as well. To think that I knew them and what they had hidden in their hearts

    • padresteve

      By the way, I was too kind to say it before, but you don’t care about anyone who comes after you. Sorry, we all either sink or swim on this big blue marble. Calling people names solves nothing. Just go away to whatever alternate reality you live in. You are not welcome here anymore unless show show a little bit of empathy and concern for your neighbors, and if they are Americans they are your neighbors. I have never condemned people in Red States who were overwhelmed with climatological disasters, be they fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, massive tornadoes, droughts, blizzards, ice storms or barrages of bird shit. For God’s sake find what it is to be human again, or to believe in a God who actually gives a damn about people you disagree with. If you cannot do that please do not inflict your toxic venom here. I won’t tolerate it. If you want to preach that, start your own blog, and don’t leave your excrement here for all to see. God help you.

  2. I have a few blogging friends in that area, including one that has a farm in Oregon with 5 sequoias planted in honor of passed loved ones – one of them being my son. Of course this doesn’t compare to losing a home. Of that I am well aware, as I lost mine back in Jan. of 1978 to a fire. The loss for Nature is also too great to be repaired in what’s left of my lifetime. The whole situation is too dreadful for words.

    • padresteve

      It really is, and some people just don’t get it. They want to blame the victims and the government’s of the states they live in rather than the fact that our climate is changing dramatically.

      • One fire started because a gender-reveal party had used pyrotechnics in a park. The weather is changing, but people need to use common sense too.

      • padresteve

        I saw that one, I don’t know why these parents have this need to one, do a gender reveal party, and two, why in in middle of fire season set off pyrotechnics. And that fire is comparatively minor compared to the ones in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

      • It doesn’t look like it’ll stop burning till it reaches the Pacific.

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