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Priorities: Meaningless Debate for Decided Voters in Non Swing States or the Major League Baseball NLCS?

Tonight I am faced with the clash of two passions. Foreign policy and baseball.

As I begin this article President Barak Obama and Senator Mitt Romney are beginning their third debate, this one on foreign policy. For those that know me and follow my writings know that I seriously pay attention to and study both history and foreign policy. For me the stakes in this are personal. I am in the military and I have gone to war.

For me no matter who is President they will be the President and I am not. My oath is to the Constitution. My service now, especially after two combat deployments is much more for my fellow Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airmen than to either candidate or party. While I have strong feelings about the election and opinions about war and those who send people like me and the men and women that I serve alongside to war. For me it more about loyalty to those that I serve than anything else.

That being said no matter what either the President or Governor Romney say about foreign policy tonight my vote is already decided and whether I vote for one candidate or the other or neither in the General Election my vote doesn’t matter because the state that I vote in, West Virginia is not in play. Thus my vote, to quote Bill Murray in the movie Meatballs “just doesn’t matter.” That may seem cynical to some but for the vast majority of Americans that live in non-swing states it is more true than not. So my thinking is why spin myself up as I watch the debate?

While the debate rages, politicians lie, pundits spin and preachers claim to know who God wants their followers to vote for there is a baseball game being played. Yes it is game seven of the National League Championship series between the San Francisco Giants and the St Louis Cardinals.

Herbert Hoover and Al Smith: Who Remembers them When Ruth Hit 3 Home Runs in Game 4 of the 1928 World Series?

I am watching the ball game. I will follow the debate on my Twitter feed and watch some of the analysis later, after the game, which being game seven is decidedly more important than the debate. That may sound frivolous to some but long after Barak Obama and Mitt Romney are gone people will still remember baseball. Just ask Herbert Hoover and Al Smith who ran against one another in 1928, the year that Babe Ruth who hit .625 in the series and had three home runs in game four of the 1928 World Series.

I think we could use a man like Babe Ruth again.


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