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The 1976 Winter Olympics, Dorothy Hamill, Padre Steve and Judy

Dorothy Hamill Gold Medal Performance Innsbruck 1976

Well the 2010 Winter Olympics are upon us.  I have always liked the Winter Games better than Summer Games. Back in 1976 when I was a sophomore in High School Dorothy Hamill won the Women’s Figure Skating Gold Medal in Innsbruck Austria.  I was in love, or more likely in lust. However, despite the fact that I never have even been near Dorothy Hamill she influenced my life in ways unimagined to this very day.

Dorothy Hamill and Gold Medal

Guys are pretty simple. We are first attracted to those that we are attracted to usually by physical attributes.  This may be hard for some to admit but it is a fact. Personality is important however for most guys we don’t get to the personality part until the person that we are attracted to passes the physical attraction test.  For each guy this is different. For some it might be the legs or breasts, for others the face or general body shape, and others like me a combination of face, general body shape and hairstyle.  For me that was the short brown hair of Dorothy Hamill.  This will sound very shallow but with the exception of one date that had short blond hair like 1972 Olympic Figure Skating Medalist Bronze Janet Lynn every girlfriend or date that I went on hard short brown hair like Dorothy Hamill.  Judy, aka the Abbess had short brown hair when I met her.

Janet Lynn

This may sound incredibly shallow but it is a fact, many guys will not want to admit that we are first and foremost attracted to our girl, or in the case gay men their guy based purely physical attributes.  Girls especially find this kind of shallow but somehow put up with us realizing that as Judy says that the “male hormone causes brain damage.” Guys are very simple to attract simply figure out what kind of guy that you want, decipher what he is physically attracted to and make it work. If he is true to himself he will bite like a shark in chum filled waters.

Katerina Witt

So anyway, when I was young I played hockey.  I love the Winter Olympics, I do not think that for speed, danger, beauty and grace that there is little that can compare to them in sports.  When not watching hockey I would always make sure that I watched women’s figure skating. This began in 1968 with the Olympics in Grenoble France where American Figure Skater Peggy Fleming won the Gold Medal and continued for me in 1972 when Janet Lynn won the Bronze in Sapporo Japan. Of course for me this culminated in the 1976 Winter Games where Dorothy Hamill won the Gold.  I was in love/lust. In the fall of 1978 when I met Judy, who had short brown hair I was dating a girl with short brown hair who ended dropping me a few weeks into the relationship. Being that I was a fairly base guy this was devastating, and Judy who was a friend and by the way had a bit of a crush on me and when the other girl dropped me Judy was there for me, smart girl.  She thought that I was pretty melodramatic when I got dropped, which was likely the case but it ended up for the good.  She had short brown hair, was cute and physically attractive and by some odd quirk of fate was attracted to me.

Me and Judy 1980

Now I have never lost my infatuation with Judy or for that matter with Dorothy Hamill, however it is Judy who has captured my heart.

I still love the Winter Games and especially women’s figure skating. In 1980 it was Linda Fratianne who won the Silver but did not capture me like Dorothy Hamill, in 1984 and 1988 it was East German skater Katerina Witt who despite her being from the Commie side of the world captured me and 1992 there was Kristi Yamaguchi who took the gold amid the controversy of Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding.  The grace and athleticism of women’s figure skating still captivates me.  However I have to give credit to Dorothy Hamill who for whatever reason was the catalyst behind my courtship of Judy who remains the love of my life.  Thanks so much Dorothy Hamill for helping this happen, even if you never realized that I existed.


Padre Steve+

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