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The Party and Cult of Death: the GOP and its Anti-vaxxer “Christian” Base

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I have been pondering this article for a while. I have been using the term The Party and Death and Fascism to describe the GOP and people like Trump, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbot, Ran Paul, many other GOP political figures and their propagandists on Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and in the process I have been developing this article.

I have watched in horrid fascination as the Death Cult of the Trumpified Republican Party and its various propaganda outlets, especially Fox News, have been on a crusade against responsible people trying to keep people from being infected and dying from the Delta Variant of the Coronavirus- 19 Virus. The most frightening part of this sorry exploitive campaign is that it targets Trump’s most ardent supporters. No longer are the people with obvious risks for COVID most of the new the victims are divided along political political lines; Trump supporters and GOP loyalists are refusing the vaccine and being infected and dying in increasing numbers. The only saving grace at the moment is that over half of the population has been vaccinated, otherwise the numbers would be far worse.

Frankly, I hate to see that I saw the endgame when I left the GOP in 2008 shortly after Sarah Palin was nominated for Vice President. I realized then that the party was now in the hands of conspiracy theorists, most of who are Evangelical Christians. Many were raised on the most paranoid aspects of Premillennial Dispensational theology with its focus on the coming one world government of the Antichrist coupled with a long history of dualism in which the elect are spiritually at war with Satan and his minions, demonic and human. This is coupled with a new variant of Christian Nationalism, this one based on Christian Dominionism and what is called seven-mountains theology. Under the spell of the self-proclaimed of the New Apostolic Reformation, many of who have stood by the side of former President Trump and every one of the lies of QAON. Since the beginning of the pandemic all of these people; the politicians, the preachers, and the pundits of the radicalized authoritarian GOP have done all that they can to flaunt every public health recommendation, from masks and social, distancing to vaccinations. They include GOP leaders including a large number of prominent GOP leaders including Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Greene, Greg Abbot, Ron DeSantis, and many more.

These people claim to be “pro-life” because they oppose and are attempting to end legal abortions even as they cut healthcare for mothers and children and support policies that lead to high infant mortality and doom poor and minority children to lives of poverty with little chance of escape. However, it is their opposition to and successful propaganda that has been a direct cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths linked to COVID.

They are shameless in promoting lies and conspiracy theories, claiming that they are being persecuted and comparing vaccinations and government mandates of masks to the Holocaust. They are seriously sick and deluded sociopaths. They are dangerous and will kill to display their faith.

A members of ReOpen Maryland wearing a custom face mask listens to a speaker during a road rally procession calling for the re-opening for the state of Maryland amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Sailsbury, Maryland, U.S., May 2, 2020. REUTERS/Tom Brenner

The truth of the matter is that all of these people have a profound disrespect for life that cannot be attributed to anything in the Gospel. Their “god” is a “no-god” based on the Social Darwinism of the Ayn Rand Cult of the Libertarians which has taken over the GOP. As such they have created something that they call Christian but has nothing in common with the Christian faith, not that Christians, churches, and Christian movements have not often participated in many of the world’s worst atrocities and genocides. But this is different, it is insidious and is a clear and present danger to everyone in this country and other countries where similar people have either taken over or have major influence.

sadly, no matter how many people die these people will continue to ensure that more die, like the 635,000 Americans already dead of COVID are not enough.

As for me, my patience with them has run out. If they get infected and die I will not mourn them, but I will mourn those who they infect and kill.

I could go on, but that is enough for the night. Until the next time,


Padre Steve+


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