Survivng Lent: Take advantage of the Feast Days

One of the keys to surviving Lent if you don’t do it well is to take advantage of “Feast Days.”  For those who don’t know what these are they include all Sundays in Lent as well as the feast of St Joseph husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary (19 March) and the Annunciation (25 March.) Holy or Maunday Thursday is also a feast day.  So what does this mean?  It means that you can eat and even drink so long as you are not drunk on your ass.  Now if you have given up something for Lent it doesn’t mean you can go ahead and do it, so be careful what you give up.  In practical terms this means if you are pretty strict in your Lenten observance that you can breathe a little easier.  Likewise as I have mentioned before there are other days that might qualify.  St Patrick’s day is one of them, while not a feast day in the US it is in Ireland. Since we are all Irish on St Patrick’s day we can claim it as a feast day.  Of course there are hard assed bishops who say this is a definite “no go” but I’ll bet if they had an outbreak of nasty snakes in their diocese that they wouls ask for St Patty’s help and allow the feast day.   Likewise my birthday which almost always falls in Lent can be a feast day for anyone willing to wish me well or buy me a beer. Baseball’s opening day certainly counts as a feast day, who can go without a hot dog or sausage on opening day?

On the personal side my PTSD has kicked my ass this weekend.  I was talking to a friend who also suffers it and we both can describe physical feelings associated with it.  One is what almost feels like a low voltage electrical current running through your body.  I woke up that way this morning after a sleepless and often terrifying night.  I had to medicate to get myself somewhat calm this morning.  This stuff is no joke.  There are studies to suggest that the traumas which cause PTSD actually shorts out or blows out circuits in the brain.  As we learn more about the physiology of the brain I am sure this will be borne out as further research is conducted.

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