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Health Care Reform, Socialized Medicine and Adolf Von Grosse Schmertzen my Big Kidney Stone

I believe that the health care system in our country needs to be reformed.  A of my opinion comes from my days in seminary and after when the health insurance that I had was not worth the powder to blow it to hell for the most part.  My overriding concern is that people get the appropriate health care and treatment when needed and that a lot of this be preventive type care.  At the same time when the situation presents that is not a preventive medicine type situation but rather something that is dehabilitating to the point that an otherwise physically fit person cannot do their job because of pain or the effects of medication needed to keep the pain to manageable levels that treatment should be done expeditiously in order that the person would be able to resume their duties quickly.  This is especially true for those in the military who have a mission that must be done.

I am a moderate in most of life.  I understand the need for social responsibility as well as individual responsibility.  At the same time I know that even when you have a guarantee that you will have your health care taken care of that things do not always work out the way that you think that they should.

I was diagnosed with a 7mm kidney stone almost two weeks ago on a late night trip to the ER.  Despite the fact that there is almost no possibility of passing that big of stone I was given pain meds as well as medicines to help pass the stone.  I was referred to my family practice physician who was surprised that a Urology consult had not been scheduled during my late night ER visit.  He gave me a consult with Urology when I saw him and a couple of days later saw the Urologist who gave me more meds and scheduled me for a ureterorenoscopy to blast the stone and place a stint.  Since we have only so many surgery slots my surgery was scheduled for March 9th which is over 2 weeks after the initial diagnosis.  I had my pre-op appointment today and even though I am in pain even with a high dose of Vicodin my doctor is sending me back to work tomorrow with the instruction to take Extra-Strength Tylenol while I am at work only taking Vicodin if the pain gets too bad. Now with Vicodin the pain is reduced to an almost manageable level but not gone. Sleep is still problematic and just getting comfortable is difficult and between doses of Vicodin doses of 1-2 liters of beer does little to help.  I would venture to say that the pain is too bad already, but I am only a layman.

I have done everything that my doctors have told me and still there is no relief.  I have to wait until Tuesday for the surgery to blast and remove Adolf from his bunker when if the statistical probability of me being able to pass bloody Adolf would have been employed I would have had him removed within days of his discovery. Instead I have had to wait in pain unable to do the work that I need to do and all the while losing ground on my physical fitness program that I have been working so hard on getting back into optimal shape.  My Urologist has elected to send me back to work Friday and Monday with only extra strength Tylenol as a pain reliever because I cannot drive nor do much when taking Vicodin, the world goes around in a counter-clockwise direction.  So tomorrow I will go in to work and try to survive the day. However in reality I think that without my Vicodin I will be back in the doctor’s office in pain begging for relief, in fact based on the pain that I am feeling with the Vicodin I know that I will seeing my family practitioner as soon as I go in to try to get some help.  It is no fun spending two weeks in pain that does not even allow you to sleep that is only mitigated by medicine that makes your world go in a counter-clockwise direction that cannot be taken if you want to drive to work which of course means that the pain will become unbearable.  This is indeed what is in the old parlance called a dilemma and even though I like dill pickles I think that this dill-Emma will be a very sour pickle indeed.

So I shall go in to work and see what happens….

As much as I want to discuss heath care reform in general, I must say without sounding too self centered or look like I am whining that there must be health care reform and let it begin with me.  But I am whining and because I am in pain now this is somewhat self centered. For two weeks I have gone without a decent night’s sleep, been in pain and missed work and lost ground on my physical fitness program while watching my living room move in a counterclockwise direction.  This is not fun and now I’m told to not take the only thing that is keeping the pain at bay.

Now of course there are a lot of people with a lot more dire conditions than me who suffer worse than I do and I don’t dare to compare what I am going through to them, I am not so self centered to think that somehow what I am going through compares to people in long term chronic pain that cannot be mitigated especially those dying.  Thus my complaint may seem in bad form, but I am not a happy camper.  By the time the stone is out and I am done with the recovery period I will have lost three weeks of work and life in general.

Anyway, it is time for my last bit of Vicodin before I go to bed.  Pray for me a sinner and forgive me for whining.


Padre Steve+

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