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The End of Adolf the Kidney Stone…Padre Steve Muses on Surgery

Smiling again…Adolf is Dead

Well neither the Abbess nor I slept well last night as we waited for morning and the trip to the hospital.  I finally got to bed at about 0400 and was back up at 630.  We made it to the hospital in plenty of time.  I went by the office a few minutes and Chaplain Derek Ross walked us up to the APU and on the way took the time to pull aside at the small chapel near the OR to have prayer with us.

Adolf Getting Blasted By the USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Upon getting to the APU I was given pants, a smock and robe, which thankfully did not leave my tookus exposed.  Within 45 minutes I was taken back to the pre-op area and prepped for surgery getting an IV for my IV fluids and medications as well as a port for the anesthesia medicines.  I asked the Nurse Anesthetist if I would be under “General Anesthesia” for the procedure and caused him to laugh when I asked if that involved watching a video of an Army General giving an incredibly boring Power Point briefing.  The man like me has spent a good number of years in the Army and said that he would have to remember that.  The intern working with him was one I had worked with on ICU and of course the Urologist was my former battalion medical officer at 2nd Combat Engineer battalion back in 1999 at Camp LeJeune.  Once all was prepared they wheeled me to the OR where all I know was that I went under anesthesia and woke up in our post-op ward.  I was of course monitored continuously and intubated for the first time in my life, something that I knew that they would do but had no idea it happened until I tried to talk and felt the scratchiness in my throat.  I was also fitted with a stent to keep things open which I get to keep for a week. Here is a video of a Laser Lithotripsy:


The surgery was successful but I was told by the Abbess that the Urologist told her that he had to do some fancy maneuvering to move Adolf into a position that he could get a good shot with the holmium  laser but that it went well with some minor injuries down there that I will have to ask him about.  After my time in recovery I was taken back to APU where I was prepped for discharge and in pretty good humor despite some discomfort especially the pain that I experience in the process of urination, which I am mandated to do to the tune of 3-4 liters a day.  Since getting home I have had to repeat this painful procedure often.  As I was wheeled to the car Monsignor Fred Elkin came down to see us off.

We went to dinner at Biersch where we were treated by some of our Stein Club friends and that was good, my first food other than two graham crackers and two saltines after surgery in the APU.  I was given a butt-load of medications for my recovery and will schedule my appoint for removal of the stent and follow up in Urology tomorrow, since I will not get it removed for a week they don’t plan on clearing me for work until the 17th.  So I have to take things easy and slowly get some light PT in at home.  I have lost two weeks of my conditioning program but should be able to get it back before time for the Physical Fitness Assessment rolls along next month.  I was hoping to do the early bird test but may have to wait a couple of weeks into the cycle.  Regardless I will do well, inshallah.

Thanks to all who encouraged, prayed and laughed with me throughout this ordeal and to those who were involved with my care.



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