I Hate Appalachian Nazis: A Response to “Briar Cavendish”

Elwood Blues: “Illinois Nazis?”

Jake Blues: “I hate Illinois Nazis”


I think I can safely echo the thoughts of Jake and Elwood Blues about Illinois or any other type of Nazis that skulk about the dark recesses of the American heartland attempting to blend in with decent Americans while peddling their hate on the internet.

If you read my post from last night and early this morning about what can only be described as an online assault on me by someone that calls himself “Briar Cavendish” you know that it shook me pretty bad. But I also said that I would not back down.  The words and thoughts of this Cavendish fellow who is too cowardly to use his real name but a rather a nom d’guerre is obviously pretty disturbed. So will endeavor to disturb him more to hopefully cause him to slip up and identify himself.

You see last night I went to bed very upset and didn’t sleep well.  The only thing that got me through the early part of the day at work was one hellacious workout for morning PT but apart from that I was pretty wiped out and in a funk through most of the day. It was only tonight that I decided to fight back.  I researched all that I could about him and it seems that he is most likely according to his IP address from somewhere between Johnson City Tennessee and Abingdon Virginia as both cities came up as the location. I’m presuming that he is in a rural area and that his internet service provider alternates him between cities or hat he lives in one and works in the other.  I had thought that he might be in Knoxville Tennessee but think that my initial hypothesis was wrong as the owner of the business using the name “Briar Cavendish” appears to be legit and pretty busy with real life to go around doing such things. The fact also that the ISP address is not in Knoxville kind of confirmed that.

But tonight as I researched him I found a plethora of pathetic posts on numerous sites. Evidently my admirer “Briar” is rabid Appalachian Nazi; he posts this stuff all over the place and seems to be sought out by like-mindless people on some of these sites. What amazed me was not that he was posting but just how many people like him spew this hate on these sites. Some call themselves White Supremacists, others American Nazis and a host of other titles. But the common thread is a hatred of African Americans, other non-white people, Jews, Muslims, established political parties, Christians that disagree with them and by the way need I say President Barak Obama and the belief that they represent the true spirit of America.  The have affiliated sites that cater to veterans, stay at home moms and pseudo-intellectuals.  They often stand should to shoulder with alleged “patriot” groups who while not in total agreement with the Nazis echo many similar themes.  The thing that freaked me out about my admirer “Briar’s” comments were how close some of them regarding minorities, immigrants, political parties especially the Democrats and Barak Obama are to e-mail that I receive from older friends and relatives who spam out e-mails that are full of lies, distortions, wives tales and are easily identified as such by going to Snopes.com.

I guess what bothers me is that many of the themes of the Neo-Nazis are echoed by well meaning people who are simply upset about the direction of the country and have been whipped into frenzy by the 24 hour news cycle and nonstop talk radio.  I think from my study of history, especially the Weimar and Nazi era, which was a specialization in my Masters Degree that I know a few things about what happens when passions become this inflamed in a polarized body-politic that the result is seldom good. It simply takes a crisis be it political, economic or military to push well meaning people who have been pushed to the edge over the cliff into the abyss of civil war and chaos. I can still see the bullet holes in a school that I helped to paint in Rijeka Croatia and the devastation wrought by the Iraq insurgency the mass graves of Bergen-Belsen and Barracks and Gas Chambers of Dachau to see what can happen when this happens.  In fact I think that is what frightened me most about the attack on me last night is that we appear to be sitting on a tinderbox in a sea of gasoline with idiots all about playing with fire.

So anyway, Briar so go ahead. Take your best shot and if you are a man identify yourself and enter into dialogue. If you don’t I have to assume that you are you simply a Hillbilly Hitler with bad teeth, no real reasoning skills and no writing ability.  You make me long for Joey Goebbels, despite being a Nazi thug at least could write, speak and wasn’t afraid to identify himself.  From now on if you post on Padre Steve’s World it will be on my terms and I will shut you down you racist, homophobic Hillbilly Hitler with delusions of dictatorship.  You see Briar you and cowards like yourself skulk about in darkness using pseudonyms to post your pathetic hate filled drivel using the freedoms that I and millions like me have secured for you since our nation came into being.  You’re a pathetic excuse for an American.

Go ahead, make my day,

Padre Steve+

PS. I know that this was not a very “grace filled” post but people like this need to be called out or they will doom themselves and the rest of us to a fratricidal conflict that will make our Civil War look like child’s play.


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8 responses to “I Hate Appalachian Nazis: A Response to “Briar Cavendish”

  1. Briar Cavendish

    Character smears is about all you papal commissars can muster. But you will pause to lik any black, muslim or commie butt that gets up in your face.
    Like the prancing fool you are, you call everyone who disagrees with you Hitler. Thanks, for the praise, but you are such a small slithering Marxist Catholici pedophile that you in no way measure up to your icon, Joe Stalin. You are merely in line to lik Obama’s butt.
    Yes you hate Nazis, Fascists, Patriots, Constitutionalists, Blue Haired ladies, old people etcettera. To you, whom they despise and you know it, they are subjects for mass murder. You love those dread locks, screaming anarchy, rap, ignorant progressive fanaticism, people with college degrees (I wipe my ass on my doctorate when I see how you try to spin your measly masters in “education.” right?) homosexuals, pedophiles , wife beaters, psychopathic college professors, political whores, affirmative action, anti-white polemics and whatever else is ugly. You false icon of a long dead Marxist God. As a a Christian I curse you all the way to Hell!
    I researched you too. I know the real you. Man up, pedophile padre. Its time to demonstrate your ersatz courage with an admission of guilt, then go kiss a muslim’s ass!

    • padresteve

      My God you are too funny, I love reading your stuff it is just so Doctorate quality. You are just a wanna be Nazi punk and if you could read would know that I am not even Roman Catholic. You are so incredibly ignorant and Christian? Somehow I see Jesus shaking his head. Grow up you juvenile putz.

    • padresteve

      You are so funny, you take yourself far to seriously. I wonder what institution of lower learning would allow you into any graduate program. I’ll bet those liberal commie afro-centric professors at your college just let you in for amusement. See it’s too bad, there is no- Aryan Paragraph to kick them out, to get your degree, if you really are in a degree program you have to kiss their ass. I find you so amusing you Red Army Pinko Putz. Heck if you served in the Red Army and everywhere you go trample the name of the Red Army veterans who fought Hitler and defeated him you are a traitor not just to this country but to your motherland Russia. You are a pathetic. As far as ideology what you rant about has more in common with Hitler than Ronald Reagan, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson or Teddy Roosevelt. You despise freedom and what this country has offered you. See here we get through hard times, we wait out Presidents that we don’t like and vote them out of office. We’ve done it for over 200 years. If you don’t like this country and what we are about take your slimy racist ass and slink back to where you came from, if they would have you. In fact if I found out who you were I would give your name to the FIS and let Putin and his former KGB cronies put you to the test.

  2. Nancy Luikart

    Keep up your courage Padre Steve, and keep writtng. I enjoy your blog.

    • padresteve

      Thanks Nancy, I do appreciate it! No worry about the typo, you can’t compare with Briar. He’s one of a kind.

  3. Nancy

    sorry about typo

  4. Dawn


    When hate is disguised in well written comments, then I shall join you in addressing it. Poorly written name calling only speaks for itself. Rather than condemn him, we should feel sorry for him. It is sad that he cannot channel his own energy into more productive activities such as obtaining an education. This would certainly take him farther in life than will stamping his feet and proclaiming that the world is unfair to him.

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