Merry Christmas to All!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas- Frank Sinatra

It is Christmas morning and thankfully it is a day of rest for most people. Of course there are those in the military, police, fire, emergency services and healthcare that are on duty  and those that work in jobs that allow people to eat and travel during the holidays.  But for most the day is one of rest, most stores are closed as are many restaurants.  Movie theaters tend to open up as people emerge from their homes and since it is Sunday many will find themselves in Church if they did not attend a Christmas Eve service or Mass.

I’ll be Home for Christmas- Bing Crosby

The NBA will be busy will a bevy of games as it tries to open its season and begins to attempt to recover from the effects of the strike and lockout.  The NFL played most of its games yesterday save the game tonight between the Bears and the Packers in Green Bay.

As for us we opened presents last night, Judy gave me all things Orioles including a really nice watch, Orioles floor mats for my car and the new Orioles cartoon bird hat.  I was out much of the day yesterday as none of what I ordered online arrived and I can’t say what those things are here because it would ruin the surprise so she got a few books to tide her over until they arrive.

The Christmas Song- Nat King Cole

For us the highlight was watching Molly unwrap her Christmas presents. Molly figured out this Christmas thing as a puppy and the first time we wrapped presents for her she tore open the paper and began to play with her toys. Last night was no different and like any “kid” she was abuzz when the presents started to come out.  She played for hours last night interspersing the play to give us attention and then to have me take her for walks in order that she might both do her business and hunt for the deer which populate our neighborhood.  She didn’t get any deer last night which I ascribe to Santa having borrowed them for the evening.

Today for us will be quiet. Judy is trying to fight off whatever bug is going around and continuing to recover from her Achilles tendon surgery. There will be the usual calls home and I will celebrate a Eucharist here at home since she is in no shape to go out. Later we will have a small Christmas dinner here at the house.  Molly of course is resting with Judy right now.

The First Noël by Celtic Women

Today I wish all of my readers and anyone else that stops by a Merry Christmas, and Happy continued Hanukkah to my Jewish friends.  I do pray that you and your families enjoy the day and each other.  I feel honored that people actually subscribe to my articles and I hear back from so many of you in the comments section.

If you have the time feel free to hang around this site or look at some of the links to some of the sites that I like.  My friend Joel Watts has a particularly good site called Unsettled Christianity. I highly recommend it.

With that I bid you a Merry Christmas and a blessed day that hopefully is filled with joy and peace.  Please pray for those in harm’s way or any danger or distress.


Padre Steve+


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5 responses to “Merry Christmas to All!

  1. John Erickson

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, Padre. I remember our Christmases back in Illinois, when the dogs were VERY much a part of the festivities! These days, finances don’t allow for a whole lot, but at least my wife is on her winter furlough, so we get the time together.
    Here’s hoping you have a continued blessed Christmas weekend, and holiday week ahead!

  2. Nancy Luikart

    Merry Christmas Padre. I have grown used to listening to you. Keep talking.

  3. An uplifting post Padre … and Merry Christmas!

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