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Updating Links on a Lazy Saturday

It is a lazy Saturday up here with Judy and our dogs Molly and Minnie in Hampton Roads. So i took the time instead of doing any serious writing to update the links on this page.

I have added or modified the link categories to help make them easier to navigate. I broke up the News and Weather section into News which links to major US media outlets, World News, Local News and Weather, Political Commentary and Weather. I have added numerous sites to the links including many more news and political commentary sites, much more world news, beefed up weather and sections on history and what I call “just for fun” which has links to a bunch of my favorite comics.

I want to draw special attention to my wife Judy’s blog. Her site, The Abbey Normal Abbess http://abbeynormalabbess.wordpress.com. She has some fascinating insights on life and great art which I hope that she will post more of in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend!


Padre Steve+



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