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Background to “The Pacific” Part V: Okinawa

On the anniversary of the end of the Battle for Okinawa a repost of an older article. Tonight I will be attending and giving the invocation for the US Navy Hospital Corps Birthday Ball for Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune NC. Blessings, Padre Steve+

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This is the next to last installment of my series “Background to “The Pacific” which deals with certain subjects themes and battles dealt with in the HBO series by that name. This article deals with the Okinawa campaign which is covered in part nine of the series. Like all battles in the Pacific which pitted Americans against Japanese Army and Naval Infantry forces this battle was fought often to the death and unlike other battles fought with a large civilian population in the battle area.

Plans and Preparations

The United States decided to invade Okinawa in the fall of 1944 following the seizure of Peleliu and the Philippine landings.  The planned invasion of Formosa was cancelled after General Simon Bolivar Buckner objected.[i] Buckner argued that the Japanese army on it was “much too strong to be attacked by the forces by American Forces then available in the Pacific.”[ii]

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