What if Hitler was assassinated in 1943? An Alternative History of Kursk and the End of World War II in Europe

Since I publsihed something on the Battle for Kursk, “The Battle that Wasn’t Necessary” I am republishing another old post, an “alternative history” of that battle presuming that Hitler had been killed in an unsuccessful assassination attempt in March of 1943. What follows is what I think might have happened, or at least been in the realm of possibility. Peace, Padre Steve+

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

This is an alternative history of how the Germans might have avoided the disaster at Kursk. It looks at what might have happened if an actual assassination attempt on Hitler had succeeded in March 1943 and how Manstein might have been able to execute the “backhand” strategy that he favored using a mobile defense.  This is predicated by Hitler’s death, based on Hitler’s actions and control of operational decisions Manstein would never have been allowed the freedom to conduct operations in this manner.  In eliminating Hitler I have also included personnel changes and the overall strategy for the German High Command, and the probable response of Stalin to Hitler’s death had it occurred in the spring of 1943. I have tried to be faithful to known historical opinions and actions of the participants and likely reactions to such a situation although one cannot predict precisely what people would have done. …

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