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The Absence of Empathy

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I have been thinking about some of the reactions that I have heard from some of the politicians, pundits and preachers regarding the latest Ebola outbreak, which for the first time has come to the United States. What amazes me in all of this is how little regard and empathy most of these commentators, especially those representing supposedly conservative or Christian organizations for the actual victims of the disease. It seems that they are using this human tragedy to promote their own ideological beliefs, which many times have more than a tinge of xenophobic racism throw into the mix. The conspiracy theories that some spout, the virulent hatred shown by others and the drumbeat of people saying that this is God’s judgment is simply beyond the pale and I am saddened to see these responses. The fact is that as a nation, as people of different political parties, religious or non-religious views or secular ideologies we have a responsibility to do the right thing, not the expedient thing. We have to be prudent, rational as well as compassionate. But I don’t see much of that going on.
Since I noted the absence of empathy in so many of these people, especially professional muckrakers such as Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and a host of others I figured that I would reach back into the archives and re-post this article, “The Absence of Empathy.” It is quite chilling when you see some of the commonalities in what Nazi war criminals said of the Jews and what some say today. I am tired, not planning on doing much tonight, so I wish you a nice night.
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“Holocaust? Ninety million Indians? Only four million left? They all have casinos — what’s to complain about?” ~Rush Limbaugh 25 September 2009

One thing that I find amazing in our world, particularly among many pundits who profess themselves to abide by supposed “Christian Principles” who like Rush Limbaugh make comments that defy any sense of Christian morality. If Limbaugh was a lone person making such comments we could blow him off. However there are many like him, professional pundits and politicians but even more concerning are the preachers who make similar statements.

Some of these men and women are quite influential. Their ideas penetrate to many parts of our society, and not just religious people. They include pastors of some of the most politically influential churches and ministries in the country. Whether the comments are directed against Native Americans as was this particular quote from…

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