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Leyte Gulf: The Greatest Naval Battle in the History of the World

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I am out in California on a trip I will write about sometime soon, but here is an article with links to a number of other articles that I have written about the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The battle was a result of a desperate attempt by the Japanese to defeat and throw back the American forces engaged in liberating the Philippines. Most of my writing as of late has focused on the Battle of Gettysburg and the Civil War as well as my own issues dealing with PTSD and moral injury. However, I have always been attracted to Naval History and the sacrifices of brave sailors no matter what navy’s flag that they fought under. I hope that you enjoy.
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USS Gambier Bay being attacked by Japanese Surface Forces battle 

I will break into Leyte Gulf and fight to the last man…would it not be shameful to have the fleet remaining intact while our nation perishes?” Vice-Admiral Takeo Kurita – 1944

”In case opportunity for destruction of a major portion of the enemy fleet is offered, or can be created, such destruction becomes the primary task.”

Admiral Chester Nimitz – In his order to Halsey, prior to the Battle of Leyte Gulf – October 1944


The Old Battleships of the 7th Fleet

Sixty-nine years ago the largest and most geographically expansive naval battle ever fought began. A few days before the forces of General Douglas MacArthur’s Southwest Pacific command and Admiral Chester Nimitz’s Central Pacific command joined to invade and liberate the Philippines from the Japanese. It was less than three years since Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor and two…

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