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Inherit the Wind: A Film for Today

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I have a project to help my brother with so there won’t be a new article today. But the massacre by Moslem terrorists of Charle Hebdo staff and others in Paris this week was a big deal. When some leaders of the rather un-Christian American “Christian Right,” Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, who blamed the attack on the victims and Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association who claimed their death’s were God’s judgement on them for blaspheming the Christian faith , I wrote about that yesterday. Knowing that I would not have tome to write anything new I dug through my archives for this article about the film “Inherit the Wind” which deals with the Scopes Monkey Trial, a clash in this country between Fundamentalist religion enshrined as law and free speech, academic freedom and the right to disagree with state supported religious beliefs.
Thus it is quite applicable when it comes to addressing violence inspired by religion, as happened in Paris, and the attempt of people to impose their religious views on others through the police power of the state as is the case of the American Religious Right.
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“As long as the prerequisite for that shining paradise is ignorance, bigotry and hate, I say the hell with it.” Henry Drummond (Spencer Tracy) Inherit the Wind

It is fascinating that a play and film set about an incident that actually occurred in the 1920s remains so timeless. It is hard to believe that 90 years after the trial and over 50 years after the movie that our society would still be debating the issue in the movie and that legislatures and school boards are still attempting to pass religious doctrine off as science.


It is a film about what is commonly called the “Scopes Monkey Trial” which was litigated in July of 1925 and featured an epic battle between populist three time Presidential Candidate and former Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan and famed defense attorney Clarence Darrow.

The trial was brought about after the passage of the Butler…

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