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The Fever and the Fear: Conservative American Christians and Judgment at Nuremberg

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I am going to be out tonight spending some time with a friend who needs to download and when I come home I want to spend the remaining part of the evening just visiting with my wife Judy and playing with our dogs. But I digress…
At work I am editing and re-writing another chapter of by Gettysburg text, you’ll get a look at it probably sometime next week. I am working on a project with my brother and just completed an article on the value of music to depression, anxiety and those traumatized by war for a church music publication. But again I digress…
In light of all that I decided to re-post something that I wrote just before the 2014 election. I think that it is still pretty relevant because after the election the leaders of the Christian Right have gotten even louder and more vicious in their crusade against all they despise. Thus I think it timely that since pre-season for the 2016 primaries and election has already began, at least for them that I publish this as a reminder about what happens when people allow their fear and hate to do what they should know not to do.
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Yesterday I wrote about the lack of empathy among conservative American Christians and I drew some comparisons to the German Christians of the 1920s and 1930s who despite their reservations supported ultra-right wing parties and later the Nazi Party. As I mentioned yesterday this was brought about by the fear and hate propagated by those who had lost their favored status after the collapse of the Kaiser Reich, and especially the fear of what many Christians believed was the threat of atheistic Socialists and Communists. Their brief experiment with democracy which was devastated by political battles amid the 1919-1920 Weimar Inflation which destroyed the financial security of most Germans as well as the Stock Market Crash of 1929 which brought about the Great Depression made many receptive to the “Nazi Gospel.”

I think that conservative American Christians are going the same direction as they get swept up in the…

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