The Orangeburg Massacre and the Uncertain Memory of Justice Clarence Thomas

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Today is a good day, a good day to remember the past. This is a slightly edited article that I posted last year about this time. Again it is a reminder of our past, and how some people will do anything to deny that past. The article is about the Orangeburg Massacre of February 8th 1968. Think about it, 1968. It’s not that long ago. It is important that we do not forget history, as George Santayana said “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it and it doesn’t take much for it to happen again, if not to Blacks, to Hispanics, Arabs, the LGBT community, you name the group. When it happens it will be at the hands of your neighbors, good respectable people, pillars of the community.
Never forget.
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Last February, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas lamented the “race consciousness” and “sensitivity” as compared to growing up in Savannah Georgia in the 1960s.

If he were not in a position of nearly unlimited power and influence where he can through a legal opinion overturn established laws regarding voters rights, equal opportunity and discrimination it would be laughable. However, Justice Thomas seems to have missed so much of what was happening to African Americans and others during the Jim Crow Era, the campaigns for resistance in the “segregation forever” movement and the wanton violence used on African Americans who simply wanted the same rights that other Americans enjoyed.

How a man as educated and supposedly aware as Thomas supposedly is can make such an absurd statement is beyond me. In fact it is ludicrous and speaks volumes about how Thomas would willingly cover up the gross injustices that were perpetrated…

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