They Answered Every Expectation: Black Regiments in the Civil War

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,
It is a very busy weekend as we get our house really for a new Papillon puppy, Izzy, or Izzy Belle who will be the little sister for our three year old Papillon Minnie, or Minnie Scule. Due to that and other things going on I am doing a re-posting of an article taken from one of my Gettysburg text chapters about emancipation and the African-American Regiments and volunteers who served during the Civil War. Since it is Black History Month I thought it appropriate. I will be putting out some more of my articles on the pioneers of the Civil Rights movement, African-American military men and the men of the Negro Leagues who helped bring some measure of of equality to African-Americans who suffered long under Jim Crow, segregation, prejudice, persecution and even were lynched, or burned alive by White Americans.
So anyway, have a great weekend,
Padre Steve+

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Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

The following is a newly added except to the first chapter of my Gettysburg Text. It is part of the chapter the “First Modern War” which I recently updated on this site. In order not to simply repost a massive article I have only posted the new material.


Padre Steve+

The war brought about another change to warfare in America. This was a societal and political and a political change that has shaped American military history, culture and life ever since. The Emancipation Proclamation gave African Americans, both Freedmen and recently freed slaves the opportunity to serve in the Union Army. The change of policy instituted by Lincoln was revolutionary as well as controversial and it had strategic implications for the war effort. There were many doubters in the north whose attitudes towards African Americans were not much different than Southerners, especially among the…

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