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Well another government shutdown is here and it all could have been averted but for one man, a man who since 2013 has been egging on the GOP on shutdown threat after shutdown threat.  Two of those shutdowns occurred and cost taxpayers billions of dollars, harmed many Americans and caused great damage to both the reputation of the United States and national security as this one will if it goes on as I expect that it will.

Now why would I say that?  Even now Senators are now working to find some kind of deal to minimize the consequences of the shutdown by finding some sort of short-term funding bill that will kick the can down the road for another few weeks.  But even if they do come to an agreement the fact is that Paul Ryan’s GOP madhouse has to agree to it and that is no sure thing. In the House the GOP Freedom Caucus and others want the shutdown. But even then, after the House and Senate finally agree on something one more person has to sign on to it.  But ultimately the man who has to sign the legislation is the same man who has wanted a shutdown for years, and now he has orchestrated one on his watch. Last week a deal appeared to be in place and he blew it up and in the process revealed the racism that guides so much of his thinking.

That man wasn’t Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan, neither was it Chuck Schumer. Although Ryan and McConnell are certainly complicit in this debacle the real culprit was President Trump. In the midst of crises around the world that he has been stoking as well as fear at home he has engineered another crisis with no logical reason for it, that is no positive reason for it which makes me believe that his motivations are either based on ignorance or something nefarious. There are arguments for both but based on his actions over the past couple of years I lean  towards the latter.

President Trump came to power through legal means but neither before he took office or since has he shown one shred of respect for our country’s ideas, laws, or Constitution. Many of his supporters have surrendered all principle in supporting him, especially conservative Christians and no matter what he does, even if he “murders a man on 5th Avenue” they will still support him, and this emboldens him.

I don’t expect a deal and I do expect a real crisis while this is going on and when that happens be it a major terrorist attack or possibly even war on the Korean Peninsula because no-one is expecting it. I could be wrong and I would hope so, but the fact is if you look at history despots of all kinds use tactics similar to this to overthrow democracies. As Timothy Snyder wrote:

“The mistake is to assume that rulers who came to power through institutions cannot change or destroy those very institutions—even when that is exactly what they have announced that they will do.” 

I do hope I’m wrong but I have such a bad feeling about what is going on now and in real life I have to find out what happens with my civilian contractors when I wake up.

Until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+



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3 responses to “Shutdown

  1. Dr Dave McKay

    Padre, I follow your blogs and I share your logical and correct dissertation on Donald Trump and the circus he and his devout and bigoted sycophants seem to be conjuring. I have said it before, never have I felt as frightened about a man in charge as I have about Trump. It is so frightening and disappointing that supporters do not see that this is not the right man to lead United States of America, a country that has enjoyed dignity through struggle, now all we see is struggle through indignity. I understand some sentiments that Trump has touched on igniting some support from those who have, but I cannot understand how they cannot see that this man is not the right man for their cause, no matter what the cause is. Thank you Steve for speaking the truth, and maintaining your moral compass. It must be very hard for you to stand up and be heard, but it is important that you do so. I am not even an American citizen, but I have loved America all of my life and see the States as an important citizen in the world, One that many have looked up to , and now one that we are concerned about, both internally and as a potential instability in the world, a real 180 degree switch. I fear what you fear, and hope it never happens, but there is an unstable, narcissistic leader with some unscrupulous supporters and frightened into silence questioners of his leadership. Seeming unwillingness to officially counter this man who is by my understatement, is a buffoon, an increasingly concerned public withg falling pools, embarrassing public attacks on his character, increasingly bizarre, statesmanlike and unprofessional remarks through the junk media of twitter, and a chaotic and increasing dysfunctional government, could lead to this man using war as a tool to reunite people in his name, and somehow distract from his shortfalls and criticisms of these. I shiver at the thought, and I hope this never happens, but like recent bad weather in California, it seems like a perfect storm. I love America, and I hope the best. I cannot see things improving under this leader and with this government. I hope change occurs. Trump ought to do the right thing and resign, I would admire him for that. Sadly he has not the awareness of self to come close to that decision. As with most narcissistic personalities, “I can do no wrong…and its everybody else’s fault” and if he doesn’t like a persons opinions “you’re fired”.
    Peace to you Padre Steve , from Dave McKay in NZ

    • padresteve

      Dave, I do think that it will get worse before it gets better. All we need is our Reichstag Fire moment. Blessings to you, Steve+

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