Trump’s National Emergency and Blazing Saddles

Friends Of Padre Steve’s World,

Today President Trump declared a National Emergency, though in his own words “he didn’t need to do it, he just wanted to do it faster.”

A couple of days ago I wrote about the great and trailblazing Mel Brooks film, Blazing Saddles. 

It was a film way ahead of its time and two of its characters, Attorney General Headly Lamarr, played by Harvey Kormann, and Governor William  Lepetomaine, played by Brooks himself are a startling premonition of the current President, in their lust for power and incompetence, wrapped in ignorance and racism.

Of course the President’s decision impacts military readiness, infrastructure, and the service men and women who work and live on the bases that will now be deprived of billions of dollars of badly needed infrastructure repairs and improvements just to remain operational. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the President, nor does the Constitutional separation of powers that gives to Congress, and Congress alone the power of the purse. But I digress…

The fact is that the President is doing his damnedest to undermine the rule of law by finding some kind of precedent for something that amounts to an unprecedented federal land grab on the basis of an unprovable national emergency.

Now all the President needs is men to carry it out. Of course, there will be no want of volunteers.

So anyway, as this cracked up Operation gets underway, just remember, Trump won’t be the first nor the last to try find a way around the law and the Constitution to fulfill his agenda, but none will be as funny and to the point as Headly Lamarr and William Lepetomaine. Compared to them, Trump is a pathetically clueless, humorless, and soulless rank amature who believes that he is both witty and smart.

All that being said I cannot beleive that he won’t get away with it. The GOP Senate majority has shown no courage when Trump walks on their Party beliefs and Constitutional responsibilities, and the Courts at this point, God only knows. I hope to be wrong but I don’t expect them to exercise any judicial independence in support of the Constitution and the powers granted to them within it.

Until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+


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13 responses to “Trump’s National Emergency and Blazing Saddles

  1. I recall an interview with Mel Brooks years ago in which he revealed that 1940s actress Hedy Lamarr (a very beautiful woman in her day) had sued him for using her name in Blazing Saddles (Harvey Korman’s character was Hedley Lamarr). Brooks laughed about it and said that they had eventually settled out of court. If you watch closely enough, there’s a scene in the movie where Brooks’ character mentions her in jest.

  2. They’ll let him get away with it. They always do. The wall will never be built not because someone stops it, but because not even its supporters have any idea what it really is. It’s a conceptually flawed idea.

    How these same Republicans will howl when the next Dem president declares a national emergency over climate change, which really IS an emergency that requires an immediate national mobilization to address.

    Love Blazing Saddles! “And now for my next impression…Jesse Owens!’

  3. A sad situation … but at least thanks for making me laugh.

  4. Richard Thomas

    I have wondered whether the best way to deal with President Trump is ridicule. It seems to me that he takes himself entirely at his own valuation and so for folk to point at him literally and metaphorically to laugh at him would be more productive in reducing him to a laughingstock than all the pious criticism and analysis. It would surely hurt him more than reasoned comments.

    • padresteve

      What you said is true. He constantly goes off on SNL satire directed at him, he hates that people laugh at him. He’d much rather deal with direct and serious criticism, but he hates to be made fun of… if only Brooks would do a Trump satire today…

      • Richard Thomas

        I rather think that the President’s reaction to the last SNL satire should be a pointer to those who wish to make him ridiculous. It’s a sad necessity perhaps.

  5. Neil

    Stop standing on your head. Your view is 180. The Gov in Blazing Saddles is Joe Biden. Neither Joe nor W.J. Lepetomane have a clue!

    • padresteve

      No second chances Neil. Toodles… BTW I am not a Biden supporter unless he is the nominee. You’re now blocked because you don’t understand Mel Brooks.

  6. Dave M

    her ump her ump her ump’ I didn’t get a hail Trump from him.
    If you set up toll booths by the state line, will someone in Trump’s base yell, “Someone go back and get a bag of dimes.”
    Since the cities and towns are closed down and people are showing up to rallies with assault weapons, could we set up life sized cut outs of people with signs and watch as Trumps’ supporters go whoopering and a hollerin’.

    • padresteve

      I love the way you did that.

      • Dave M

        Also you may want to compare the Presidency to the WWE. Come in like a heel and disrupt the Chain of Command and become a fan favorite. i.e. Undertaker, Stone Cold etc, etc, etc…
        Democrats need a John Cena and come with Ruthless Aggression.

  7. Dave M

    Was hoping the Democratic nominee will be Cory Booker. His script for dealing with President Trump is already written. The President is a ni… (ding). Could come on stage the first time dressed like Cleavon Little with the band and music from the Jonathan Tunick.

    When the President gets upset Cory could have held his fingers up to his head and done the scene “Don’t shoot” when the Sheriff first showed up in Rock Ridge.
    Or he could sing a song. “I get no kick from champagne.” “No,,no,,no .”” “Camp town ladies.” “I don’t thinks we knows that.”

    Was hoping Cory Booker would be nominee, that way Joe Biden could have played the part of Gene Wilder. The washed up, old grizzled gunslinger(Politician).

    Was wondering if Whoopi Goldberg would be interested in using this info, as she would have the know- how and resources to make Blazing Saddles come to life. Her friend Megan McCain has good insight to the Republican side of things.

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